How to Delete Multiple Emails Thunderbird from MBOX

How to Delete Multiple Emails Thunderbird from MBOX

It is a simple and trustworthy solution for how to delete multiple emails Thunderbird from MBOX using duplicate remover software. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, and many other email clients are supported by this software for bulk elimination of duplicate emails. Furthermore, it works with every version of Windows.

Thunderbird, a free email client, was created by Mozilla. Small businesses and individuals typically use it as their primary email client to send and receive emails. However, it does occasionally copy duplicate emails, increasing the size of the mailbox. The user encounters numerous problems as a result of Thunderbird’s slowdown, which is caused by the size of the mailbox.

In this essay, we’ll look at the causes of Thunderbird’s duplicate email issues. We’ll also learn how simple it is to delete duplicate emails from Thunderbird. If you use Thunderbird and run into the similar problem, you should find this page useful.

Why do multiple emails keep appearing in Thunderbird?

This is a problem that many Thunderbird users encounter. The majority of the time, this happens when you are disconnected while receiving fresh emails from the mail server. The email client re-downloads the previously downloaded emails from the server when you re-join. You now have double emails in your inbox as a result.

The reasons why Thunderbird produces duplicate emails

Multiple factors can lead to duplicate emails. Here are a few of them:

  • Accidental user actions: If you use Thunderbird and have many subfolders, copying a message to another subfolder may duplicate it.
  • Sender-side problems: Thunderbird saves all emails if the sender repeatedly sending the same message or if his internet connection is unreliable. As a result, you can get duplicate emails.
  • Server issue: For any email client, the server is essential. However, the server could periodically have issues. Therefore, the server’s actions are no longer important. As a result, it sends the same email to the email client numerous times.

How Do I Get Rid of a Double Mailbox in Thunderbird?

You can use a manual technique or a third-party Thunderbird Duplicate removal program to get rid of duplicate emails from Thunderbird. We will employ both human methods and outside software to eliminate duplicate emails.

Duplicate emails in Thunderbird can be manually removed

In this instance, the Remove Duplicate Messages add-on will be utilized. Using this add-on, you can remove duplicate messages from Thunderbird. Follow the steps indicated below to complete this activity.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • The Tools menu’s Add-ons option is chosen.
  • By looking for them and selecting the Add to Thunderbird button, delete duplicate messages.
  • The message Add Remove Duplicate Messages will appear in Thunderbird. To continue, click the Add button.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart Thunderbird.
  • To confirm add-on activation, go to the Tools tab and choose the Add-ons option.
  • Select the mail folder on your primary account by going back there.
  • From the context menu of the chosen folder, choose Remove Duplicates.
  • If you don’t have any duplicates, you’ll get a popup notification informing you of it. Details regarding any duplicate communications will be shown on a screen.
  • The duplicate messages you want to delete should be selected.
  • Decide to erase your selection.

Using this technique, duplicate emails from Thunderbird can be removed. The manual approach, on the other hand, takes time and technical expertise. If you want to finish this task quickly, try the Thunderbird duplicate removal tool.

Delete Duplicate Thunderbird mails by using the MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool

In this instance, the CubexSoft MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool will be employed. Using this tool, you can duplicate emails in Thunderbird rapidly. Additionally, users can use the software to clean out MBOX and MBX files of duplicate emails. Follow the steps listed below to put this approach into action.

Step 1: Get the MBOX Email Duplicate Remover Tool to get rid of duplicate emails from Thunderbird MBOX files.

Step 2: Add Thunderbird MBOX files to the program by selecting the Select Files and Folder option.

Step 3: Now, based on your needs, choose “Search Duplicate within the Folder(s)” and “Search Duplicate across the Folder(s)”.

Step 4: To eliminate duplicate MBOX files, use the Filter options, then choose the desired place. After that, click the extract button to start the process.

Step 5: The Process has now been successfully finished.


In this essay, we covered both the reasons why duplicate messages occur as well as how to remove them from Thunderbird. We also learn how to remove duplicate Thunderbird messages using the MBOX Duplicate Remover program.


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