How To Choose A Room Heater

Choose A Room Heater

In India, the northern regions experience very severe winters as compared to other parts of the country. Though people use many things such as warm clothes, hot drinks and foods, bonfires etc in order to keep warm, room heaters play a major role in protecting them in winters.

The temperature goes even below 0°C at various places and it is very difficult to handle such extreme winter conditions. In these situations, a room heater acts like a savior to people living in cold regions. The need for heaters is more in these regions as compared to the southern and other regions of the country. Hence people use room heaters to keep the environment warmer inside their homes.

Even hotels, resort’s provide room heaters in their rooms in order to give good service to its customers. Like air conditioners being used everywhere in summers, heaters are used in winters at various places. Room Heater is a home appliance that converts electrical energy into heat energy.

It helps to heat rooms as the name itself suggests ‘room heaters’ and it is worth buying only if you select the best ones. These can be used to heat different rooms, ranging from small to large as per it’s capacity. As competition is increasing day by day, the variety of products and items have also increased and customers not only have one or two options but hundreds of options to choose from.

Similarly, there are several types of room heaters available in the market and just can’t just go and randomly pick any. Good research is required in order to buy anything. As a room heater is a home appliance, the size of the room or area that is to be heated plays an important role in selecting the best one that fulfills all your requirements.

Types of room heaters based on their heating methods

There are three types of heaters based on the heating methods on which they work.


These are the heaters that use infrared radiation to operate. These heat beams are known to directly heat the surfaces on which they land, providing the necessary warmth in the room.


Convention technology is used in these heaters which requires a coil or a panel for heating. A fan is blown towards the warmth board which spreads warm air in the whole room.


In conduction technology, the heater spreads heat via a metallic coil that gets heated electrically and glows while working.


Oil filled heaters

Oil filled heaters spread heat slowly and are good for all room sizes.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are the most popular ones in the market. These work on convention technology.

Carbon fiber heaters

Carbon fiber are the energy efficient heaters and these are the best for people who usually feel suffocated with heaters.

Quartz heaters

Quartz heaters are usually preferred for small rooms and these work on radiation technology.

PTC heaters

PTC is the abbreviated term for Positive Temperature Coefficient, these heaters help to maintain room temperature for a longer time.


1. Type of heater

2. Capacity

3. Energy efficiency

4. Size

5. Safety grill

6. Noise level

7. Light

8. Portable

9. Safety features

10. Room heating technology

Best room heaters of 2021

Everything from power to warranty, quality to price has to be considered before buying a room heater.

There are numerous companies that manufacture and sell these heaters in the market.

1. Orpat OEH – 1200 2000 watt

2. Orpat OEH – 1260 2000 watt

3. Usha Quartz room heater (3002) 800 watt

4. Bajaj Flashy 1000 watt

5. Bajaj minor 1000 watt


If you are looking for a heater then all the above mentioned features and things are to be considered before buying it. This article will help you select the best room heater for your home. Buying an electronic device is a procedure that requires good research because later these appliances may cause problems if cheaper quality ones are purchased.


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