How SMS Accelerates ECommerce Performance On Shopify

Accelerates ECommerce Performance On Shopify

Are you looking to enhance your e-commerce industry on Shopify with SMS marketing? You come to the right place. Let’s see how and why to use SMS for better lead acquisition for your Shopify store. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a method that utilizes permission-based messaging for spreading advertising and promotional SMS. To get text messages through an eCommerce business like updates or specials, consumers usually need to opt-in for the automated system that texts a preliminary shortcode.

Imagine that SMS is like a secret marketing tool used to engage the audience more with your business over a smartphone. SMS marketing enables you to interact with the consumers at a more personal level.

Why E-commerce business like Shopify needs SMS Marketing? 

1. A quick marketing channel 

SMS is the quick channel accessible and the direct route to the consumer’s interns of B2C marketing. With over 98% open rate and high click rate than other channels, SMS is less threatening and a general place to engage with consumers. 

The SMS campaigns business could also see a huge success rate with the best ROI and can enhance support than the marketing channels such as social media or email. With mobile shopping growing continuously, shoppers can expect to get discounts, offers, and promos via mobile messaging. 

2. To recover lost sales

Merchants who use SMS as their mobile marketing strategy are missing out on the chance to develop relationships with the consumers that sacrifice engagement and sales. 

On average, over 60% of shoppers leave their carts without finishing the checkout. These incomplete checkouts might be because of unanswered queries. These automated SMS might not solve barriers to buy, yet it could reengage people through reminders and incentives to finish the checkout.

3. Understand purchasers

SMS assists you in knowing the customers better where you could know more about the consumers purchasing behavior, why consumers journey and their concerns while buying by examining the conversations. For instance, with an SMS gateway such as Guni SMS, you can analyze or track consumer conversions in a dashboard. These insights help retailers understand what customers know that leads to excellent Shopify conversion rates. 

Effective SMS marketing strategies for Shopify

1. Welcome offer

Let your customers know they subscribed to the perfect business by sending a Welcome SMS Campaign. That helps consumers take the fall with the first order and offer them an unconquerable discount to which they can never refuse. Here are the tips to follow while writing a welcome message.

  • Write a short and warm “hello” line and welcome the customers to your website or store.
  • Get them to explore your products with a discount of 10% or 30%, where you can even offer them a free sample.
  • Try to send the SMS within 1 hour after consumers sign up. 
  • Add a link to the product menu or your social media accounts to promote your other channels.

2. Updates/alerts

Every retailer needs a channel to share their alerts and updates with their consumers for literally updating people regarding their orders and in general.

3. Flash sales and special offers 

“Flash Sale” or special offers highlight discounts for a restricted time. This campaign blends the feeling of losing an emergency, and buying them at less cost makes it a more beautiful concept. 

Consumers love a good flash-sale-grab. A flash sale announcement delivered through SMS can offer a great impact. Here’s how to send and create that great impact on your messages.

  1. Send links to the Attractive products that provoke customers to use the advantage of this amazing offer within budget. 
  2. Your messages should add the Limited time deal that reduces the sale window and enable purchasing. 
  3. Think about offering a high discount amount 
  4. than normal that convinces people to interact

Ready to integrate SMS to your Shopify store

SMS messaging becomes a vital channel with the power of direct line communication that makes you stand before shoppers, recover the lost sales, know consumers more, and boost consumer engagement. 

Guni SMS is the prominent one in the industry that already worked and strengthened many Shopify stores. SMS messaging creates a multi-channel to interact with the consumers at every stage of the consumer funnel that boosts the Shopify store’s ROI and conversions. Contact Guni SMS builds a more customized SMS marketing strategy, impresses consumers, and builds a terrific relationship with the brand.

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