How do you Transfer Microsoft 365 Emails to CSV Formats?

Are you one of the people looking for a solution to CSV-export their Office 365 mailboxes? The ability to export user emails from Office 365 to CSV format may also be of interest to you. If you replied “YES!” To learn more, read this article. We will describe how to transfer Microsoft 365 emails to CSV format in this article. Stay with us to learn more, so.

transfer Microsoft 365 emails to CSV

Which email provider is the most popular among consumers and companies? Most of us would then respond with Office 365. Office 365 is one of the greatest platforms since it makes it simple to utilize all famous Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, SharePoint, and Outlook 365, among others. It is a solution with a subscription model created by Microsoft Corporation.

CSV, which stands for Comma Separated Values and is a computer file format, is the opposite. A spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel can open CSV files with ease. Many users, however, desire to transfer Microsoft 365 emails to CSV format. because a variety of apps can quickly open CSV files. where user mailbox email data is easily manageable.

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This article outlines the ideal process for converting Office 365 emails to CSV format. With the help of the 4n6 Software, Office 365 emails may be quickly exported to CSV.

Best Way to Transfer Microsoft 365 Emails to CSV Files Formats

4n6 Office 365 Backup Tool is the option that tech users often recommend. You can export multiple users from Office 365 in CSV format. This software provides users with advanced filter options to find any item in their mailbox. To test the functionality of the software, download a free trial version from this page.

The sample edition allows you to export a small number of emails from Office 365 in CSV format. You must buy the software key to access more.

How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to CSV Format Using Automated Solution?

  1. Download this professional software and then install or run it on your platform
  2. After that, click the Open button and then configure your account by pressing the Add account button
  3. Thereafter, click the Export button and then press the CSV option
  4. Finally, select the desired location path and then hit the Save button

Key Feature of this Professional Software

  • Office 365 conversion to CSV file is made 100% secure and risk-free by the software.
  • Every email metadata, including Email Addresses (To, Cc, Bcc, From), Subject, Date, Attachments, etc., will be maintained by the application.
  • Further filters have been built into this tool to enable the export of necessary Office 365 emails to CSV.
  • There is no requirement to install any other applications because it is an entirely independent application.
  • One may quickly retrieve the list of Office 365 email addresses from user mailboxes using the CSV format.
  • This program is simple to install on both Mac and Windows operating systems, even the most recent Windows 11.


We have shown how to transfer Microsoft 365 emails to CSV format in this article. If you’re one of those people who wants to export Office 365 users to CSV. The whole mailbox data from Microsoft 365 may then be exported using this application to an Excel CSV file.

The business provides a free trial version of the software that enables the download of a few emails in CSV format. Those who are happy with it may quickly migrate from Office 365’s licensed version to the CSV conversion tool. Contact the technical support staff for additional details.


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