How do I move my mailbox to Office 365 PowerShell?

How do I move my mailbox to Office 365 PowerShell?

The procedure to move exchange data to Office 365 is difficult to handle, and one requires a perfect solution. Most users wish for this migration and want to proceed with the task immediately. Most business organizations store their data in Exchange and deal with various issues. Thus, to overcome the issue, users must proceed with the on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration process. One can use many other emailing platforms to begin the task, but Office 365 is one of the trusted platforms.

Moreover, these days’ users have a lot of data to store, especially all enterprises, as they have a huge amount of data. It became tough for users to keep a record of their data, and when Microsoft launched Office 365, everyone was eager to shift their data to Office 365. To get all the essential information about the task, users are asked to go through the whole blog.

What are the reasons for on-premises Exchange to Office 365 Migration?

Users desire to rapidly migrate Exchange to Office 365 and for that they want a perfect solution. Before beginning, users are asked to go through the reason behind the migration task. Users who have been using Office 365 for years know the purpose of the task. However, those who have just begun using Office 365 are asked to check the reason below.

  • Office 365 is a one-stop solution for users as it is very cost-effective; Microsoft has launched various products that have helped users with their daily data. Most organizations use Microsoft products like Skype for business, PowerPoint, teams, etc. Now, Office 365 has also become one of the most users Microsoft products.
  • Most organizations work remotely, and they require a trustworthy platform to keep a record of their data or communicate with their employees. Office 365 is one of the trusted platforms that will keep the data safe and secure. A Universal platform is available for users anytime, anywhere, and through any device. So one can access their data whenever they need it.
  • Office 365 not only provides amazing security but also offers a subscription plan that will allow users to extend the storage limit of the mailbox. 
  • Whenever any new version of Microsoft is launched, users do not have to update it every time, as it will be automatically updated to the latest version of the platform.

How to proceed with on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration task

As users have come to know about different reasons for this migration task, they are willing to proceed quickly. However, even if the reason for the migration is different, the procedure for the task is similar. To begin the task, users might require a picture-perfect solution, and there are two techniques to perform the task. The manual method and the professional third-party tool are the two ways to begin the task. These are the only ways users can begin the task; users can choose their preferred method.

The manual method is the oldest way to migrate Exchange to Office 365, and people rely on this approach only. However, the method requires a lot of technical knowledge and takes time to finish the task. Thus, users now find it difficult to initiate the task manually and look for other ways to proceed with the migration task. Hence, we suggest users try the professional third-party tool to begin the task, as it is the only way to finish it immediately. 

How to begin the task with a professional tool

Professionally, the task becomes very easy for the users as it requires no technical knowledge. Users can finish the task without wasting much time, and all the technical and non-technical users can commence the task with professional tools. The Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is the best option for users to begin the migration task. Moreover, the tool is accessible to users worldwide, so one can run the task whenever they want. Below, we are sharing the features of the utility, so go through it once.

  • The tool allows users to create multiple jobs concurrently while running the migration task.
  • It will swiftly initiate the on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration task without glitches.
  • Users can filter the data by folder, date, and item type.
  • There is a schedule option so that users can schedule the task per their requirements.
  • The tool will properly maintain data security and keep it safe for future use.
  • The utility can easily synchronize with all the Exchange server and Windows operating system versions.
  • It has an inbuilt incremental export facility for users to resume the interrupted process.

Wrapping up

By wrapping up the content, we suggest the users try the tool above for on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration tasks. The software will help the users throughout the whole task and will make sure that users are comfortable using the tool. With its user-friendly interface it will make the process effortless.


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