Explosion-Proof CCTV Camera for Surveillance Solution

Explosion-Proof CCTV Camera

CCTV camera have become a security necessity for all societies, whether private or public facilities or at the level of individuals. Everyone is thinking about protecting their facility, home, or public places, through the installation of surveillance cameras.

Where surveillance cameras have become a priority in the security aspects, in some countries, surveillance cameras have become an imposition by the responsible authorities.

And the Bangladesh, which is known for its advanced technical development, as well as its security concern that pervaded all its regions, thanks to God and the keenness of its leaders, is considered one of the countries in which the culture of necessity for installing surveillance cameras is spread, and many facilities were even obligated to install surveillance cameras to obtain a certificate of completion.

Where some licenses are not given to facilities except for the installation of surveillance cameras, and this is confirmed by a certificate of completion proving the installation of surveillance cameras,

The GCTL Company is considered one of the major companies that implement surveillance camera projects, through its specialized technical teams,

Also, GCTL Company is officially licensed by Public Security to install surveillance cameras  

Explosion-Proof Camera:

gctlsecurity produces camera and communication systems for use in sectors/areas of high risk of explosion. The range extends from simple cameras that transmit images directly to a screen, to complex CCTV installations equipped with an audio system to monitor objects or a feature that allows integration with process control systems.

Therefore, Varito CCTV cameras are suitable for the following usage scenarios, along with other advantages:

  • well drilling rigs
  • chemical facilities
  • Machinery industry with process management system
  • Natural gas installations and silos
  • Power plants
  • Purification facilities and landfills
  • Refineries, refueling stations, fuel depots, pipelines and distribution stations
  • Mines and mines
  • Port facilities and places of transport and diversion
  • Food processing and pharmaceutical business
  • To monitor airline lounges, factories and warehouses
  • CCTV Security Systems
  • Industry use  

Hikvision Ex cameras can be a replacement for the following Ex cameras manufacturers/brands and retailers: GCTL CCTV, Varito, Bosch Ex Series, AVTech, CP-Plus, Panasonic.

Explosion-Protected Cameras: The Hikvision Series

The Hikvision range is modular, which means that it can be specially equipped for various usage scenarios. The camcorder’s tape capacity extends from the simplest still video sources, through cameras with zoom and smart evaluation electronics, to the very top cameras with audio linkage. Thus, workers equipped with protective suits and heavy equipment can communicate with each other or with the control center in a convenient way via the speaker system.

Analog and digital video cameras

All Hikvision series CCTV Cameras are suitable for use in dusty areas and at risk of gas explosion. With the technology used, it is possible to differentiate between analogue and digital video cameras. With analogue systems, the video image is transmitted as a television signal (PAL or NTSC). It can be connected directly to analogue monitors or a video server network, and can be easily integrated with existing installations. Digital systems (IP PIN cameras) produce network video streams that can be transmitted through a local network or the Internet. The resolution of digital cameras (e.g. 1920×1080 = FullHD) is much greater than that of similar analog systems.

The most powerful cameras

The CCTV Camera range is manufactured in two different types of cases. Lightweight and cheap pressurized aluminum and steel canister for corrosive chemical atmospheres. The range of view is surrounded by a wide range of accessories – from sunroofs and built-in heating, through to mounting materials and cables, to appropriate video servers.

About GCTL

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited was founded in 1999 and is headquartered near Bangladesh. Since 2008 the company meets the requirements of quality management in accordance with the European Union Standard 94/9/EG (ATEX) and produces cameras and communication systems authorized for use in areas at risk of explosion. All cameras are TÜV (Technical Inspection Association Certified) and (Automotive Control Association) certified and manufactured in-house in Bangladesh. The ingredients used in the manufacture are all from good brands. GCTL is a development partner of Hikvision, the world’s leading manufacturer of CCTV systems. Do you need help planning a facility? Don’t know which camera is most suitable for your usage purposes? Contact us in Online, English or Bangla – we are happy to help you.

Explosion-Protected Camera

In areas at risk of explosion, such as in

Chemical industries, mechanical engineering, refineries, oil and gas facilities or biogas plants – sparks that lead to an explosion must be avoided, GCTL cameras are manufactured in such a way that no sparks can escape from the camera housing.

In general, there are two applications of counter cameras

Explosion: Security, means monitoring facilities and sites, process control, and is used in process control.

In the case of process control systems, the camera provides the system operator with key information for the targeted intervention. GCTL devices allow for safe monitoring of dangerous areas from areas free from the danger of explosion.

The smartest way to access cameras is to use

GCTL is the world’s first fully browser-based video management system, meaning you can configure, manage and operate cameras on any device whether it’s a Processing Control System device, a field laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone.

Varito products are manufactured in bd according to international standards, are durable and can be modified to meet your needs!

Do you have questions about our products or need help planning your camera network? We will be honored to assist you – just as we have helped many of our clients around the world

Technology has become an essential part of every human’s life, and it has become indispensable, especially in security, surveillance and securing facilities and offices, and many users have started to resort to buying high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor their homes, companies or even their stores, where the prices of these cameras range from dollars. And the following report presents the 10 best cameras in 2021

The Blink XT Home camera is used indoors, outdoors and outdoors, and has a variety of features, including water resistance, accuracy in motion detection, a high-energy battery that has a charge period of several months, and can connect to Wi-Fi networks, smart video control, and allows its owner Free storage space.

The Blink XT Home camera is available in the market at a price of $ 77.99, and it comes in an elegant and attractive shape, in addition to many other features, but it comes at an affordable price, it is good for people who want easy and simple use, and the camera works to meet the basic security needs of individuals.

The Blink XT Home Security Camera is integrated with an integrated design that is easy to use and install inside and out.

The camera allows the creation of a home security network of more than 10 units connected to each other, and this camera also comes with free cloud storage for video data, where there is no subscription fee.

The camera has a night vision feature, which allows it to monitor 24 hours continuously, and this camera comes with another great feature, which is that it connects to Amazon Echo, which allows it to monitor remotely and using voice, and the camera also comes with two batteries, each of which depends on the standard AA lithium columns, which come with a life span of two years, the camera can be programmed to connect to a smartphone to send alerts.


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