Expert Mandir Designing Tips for Indian Homes

One of the essential aspects of a Hindu home is its mandir, where the family’s deity is worshipped and honoured. Placing it in the right direction, lighting, selecting the required materials, and arranging the idols correctly is crucial when designing a mandir. It helps accentuate the aura of your home. 

Creating a place that radiates solace, comfort, and tranquillity for you and your family can prove to be an arduous task without guidance, advice, and tips. Here are some mandir designing tips for indian homes.

Mandir Designing Tips

Find the Right Direction

We are surrounded by bad and good energies and Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian practice, is largely followed to invite and improve positivity at home. It is an architecture based on ancient texts relating to the principles of design, measurements, space arrangement, layout, spacial geometry and ground preparation. The right Vastu for your mandir plays a key role in determining which kind of energy will be attracted from our surroundings. 

The area dedicated to God should be a space of tranquility, permeating divine energy. It is considered auspicious to place the puja room in your home in the northeast direction, as per the Vastu Shastra. This placement enhances the Vastu and helps channel the divine energy. According to Vastu Shastra practice, the northeast direction is considered the zone of lord Shiva. Placing your mandir in the South direction is considered to attract negative energy and is a complete no-no. 

Choose the Right Material

A myriad of materials are available in the market for your mandir set-ups such as marble, wood, steel and finished iron. Select your preferred choice of materials keeping in mind the colour scheme of your walls. The idea behind this is to create an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming space. If your walls sport a darker colour then a marble mandir is sure to change the overall feel of the space to classy and sophisticated. Polished marble works best for this combination. 

Your walls painted in neutral colours will work great with a wooden mandir and golden idols. You can also get your idols decorated and studded with precious stones, made of natural minerals. These gemstones comprise certain cosmic energies while also symbolising the force of nature and grandeur. Make sure to place your deity on a pedestal made of marble or wood. A stone pedestal is believed to attract debt and financial problems if the Vastu Shastra practice is to be followed. 

You can also add wooden jalis or latticed screens with an ornamental pattern as doors or a backdrop to your deity. In addition to this, you can get a religious scripture imprinted on a wooden backdrop placed on the main wall of the mandir, behind the idol. This looks visually appealing and is a great way to showcase as well as teach religious traditions to your children. Such designs and colour schemes are sure to lend a calming aura to your puja room while also giving it a traditional look. 

Add wooden stools with intricate designs for seating, incense sticks in a thematic holder, puja thalis and fresh flowers to complete the look. Maintain all safety precautions when lighting incense sticks or any oil lamps. Make certain there is adequate ventilation. 

Illuminate your Place of Worship

When it comes to the lighting of your puja room, it is about the amount and nature of lighting while also leveraging it to create a warm and inviting ambience. Ensure there is adequate natural and artificial lighting so as to invoke a sense of calmness, positivity and peace. Use yellow lighting as opposed to white lights to ensure the space beams of a spiritual glow and looks welcoming. Adorn the idol with golden oil lampstands on either side. 

While designing your mandir, keep in mind that you are creating an oasis of peace where you pray, worship and honour your family deity to bring prosperity into the household. It is important to use mandir designing tips for indian homes so that religious sentiments, culture and heritage are respected when constructing or redesigning a house. Kasu Assets, a premium construction and real estate company located in Goa, is perfectly poised to meet all your requirements with its industry-deep expertise and superior services.


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