Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime with Desert Safari!

It is a the desert safari trip is among the most sought-after tourist attractions. It’s an experience that allows the visitor to discover a huge area of sand dunes, and take part in a variety of thrilling activities. Captain Dunes is an excellent choice among tour companies that provide this experience. Captain Dunes’ Desert safari trip will take you to the middle of the Arabian desert, showing all the experiences and attractions that create a truly special experience.

Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Tour Package

If you make a reservation with Captain Dunes and Captain Dunes, you can rest assured that they’ll give you everything you require to have an unforgettable adventure out in the desert. Dancing on the dune, riding a camel tattoos made of henna, sandboarding photography in authentic Arabic costume and a barbecue dinner in the evening under the stars is all included in the package. Falconry, quad riding, and an air balloon ride are additional options.

Dune Bashing

Desert Safari Dune bashing

Dune bashing is by far the most thrilling part of any desert adventure. Off-roading doesn’t hold a candle to Captain Dunes the collection of vehicles 4×4. Take a break for a traditional Arabic food and dance under the stars after your thrilling dunes-bashing adventure.

Falconry, quad biking, and hot air balloon rides are some of the possible options that can create a trip that is truly unique. You’ll have fun with the professional drivers who will take you on a thrilling ride over the sand dunes before soaring up the hills, before speeding down the other side. The adrenaline will be up and adrenaline flowing.

Camel Riding at The Desert Safari

Camel rides are also offered on Captain Dunes for a more authentic experience in the desert. When riding a camel, one can enjoy a relaxing ride and admire the landscape of the desert at your individual pace. One of the most thrilling ways to experience the desert and gain an insight into the daily life that the Bedouin is riding camels.

Camel Riding at The Desert Safari

Anyone looking for a thrill within desert ought to try it. The Bedouin people have been living on the desert floor for centuries. The guides on tours provide fascinating insight into their past and culture.

Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is an interesting option to add to the desert experience. It’s similar to snowboarding but on sand dunes, not snow. The professionals at Captain Dunes will guide you through the basics of sandboarding and will provide you with everything you need to take on this activity. Anyone, no matter what age, can experience the thrilling excitement of Sandboarding. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover something completely new and exciting in a breathtaking desert location.

Sand Boarding

Henna Painting

The trip package also features an artist who uses henna for an unforgettable cultural experience. The intricate designs are created using henna paste that is then applied to the skin in an ancient form of arts and crafts. The art of painting with henna can be enjoyable for all ages as it’s secure and non-permanent. It’s a great opportunity to engage in playful cultural exploration as well as creative release. Children and women alike enjoy this tour because the guides are skilled artists who are able to assist them in creating original artworks.

Henna Painting in Desert Safari

Photo Session at the Desert Safari

Captain Dunes gives you the chance to take pictures dressed in authentic Arabic costume to mark the experience in the desert experience. The chance to visit an entirely different place and then use photography to capture the experience is unique and thrilling. Dressing in traditional Arabic attire and wandering the desert can provide stunning pictures. Dress in authentic attire and snap pictures of the stunning desert landscape. It’s an amazing opportunity to take home a special souvenir of your adventure.

Bbq Dinner

A barbecue under the stars is the perfect way to end the desert adventure. Grilled meats, veggies and desserts are served at this traditional Arabic dinner. You can enjoy classic music, and belly dancing in a warm and inviting setting. In addition to tasting authentic Arabic food as well as experience the traditional culture, and meet new acquaintances at this barbecue celebration. Snap photos of the starry blue sky as well as the distinctive atmosphere to bring to home as a souvenir of your trip. It’s the perfect way to end an exciting day in the dunes of sand.

BBQ Dinner in desert safari

Other Opportunities at the Desert Safari Tour

Additional features can be added to the trip package with Captain Dunes. The fad sport of quad-riding lets you explore the desert with high speed possible. Traditional pursuits also incorporate falconry which involves the flight and training of falcons. Enjoy an air balloon ride in the desert during daybreak to experience a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Experience authentic Arabic Food with the stars

After an adventurous adventure in the desert, now is now time to relax and feel the famous hospitality from the Arab people. Grilled meats, a feast as well as fresh salads and traditional Arabic food will be served before you. Eat alfresco and enjoy the authentic Arabian food and watch shows of the belly dancer and Tanoura while looking at the stars.

camping in desert safari

Safety Measures

Your safety is the top priority with Captain Dunes. Professional drivers will ensure you secure and safe on your safari in the desert. They also have instituted strict security procedures, like regular inspections of vehicles and compliance with all safety standards applicable.

Final Words

Anyone who visits in the United Arab Emirates should make an effort to take an Desert excursion. excursion by Captain Dunes. The packages for their vacations have many options, including camel rides and Dune driving to stargazing, and authentic Arabic food.


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