Eight Thumb Rules of Content Marketing You Must Follow

Eight Thumb Rules of Content Marketing

Eight thumb rules of content marketing you must follow 

If you’re thinking about starting content marketing, then this article is for you. Here, we explain some crucial rules to follow while doing content marketing to get good results. 

  1. Don’t start if you don’t know who your buyers are. 

You need to research, analyze, and understand your buyers and prospective customers for any marketing activity. If you are not aware of your buyer’s persona, then take a break to understand it. You can create one fictional group of your prospective customer by asking the following questions to yourself: 

  • Where your ideal customer lives? 
  • What are their job rules? 
  • How much annual income do they earn? 
  • Are they males or females, or both? 
  • Any specific educational qualifications they have? 
  • Are they working in a particular industry? 
  • What challenges are they facing? 
  • What they’re trying to achieve? 

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  1. Start on only those platforms where your buyers are available. 

You will find many platforms to go and share your content for your marketing. Different platforms like YouTube channels, blog posts, social media, podcasts are easily accessible. But make sure to choose the appropriate and best option where your ideal buyer’s personas are available. For example, if the buyer is a working professional in a specific industry, you will find them on LinkedIn. 

  1. Serve information that your buyers are looking for. 

While doing content marketing, always share helpful information with your target audience. People love to engage in crisp and precise blogs, posts, and videos, and relevant information helps to boost engagement and increase retention on your posts, blogs, and sites.   

  1. Get the best and creative sales copy. 

Sales copy is an essential thing in content marketing. A good sales copy can convert those visitors into buyers. It would help if you had a good content writing agency to generate professional sales copy. Your sales copy must be creative, short, and sweet as they are always considered fruitful.   

  1. Create a great visual experience. 

Make sure you provide a great visual experience for your audience while creating marketing content. Your blogs, social media posts, as well as your videos must offer an eye-catching visual experience. 

  1. Add proper & attractive CTA. 

While doing content marketing, make sure you add a relevant call to action to your content. CTA can be forms, case studies, value calculators, download buttons, or live chat. These CTA’s will help you gather relevant information about your audience, which can then be converted into leads. 

  1. There is a need for speed. 

In content marketing, try to be fast enough. Don’t wait for too long to take action on CTA submissions. Audiences can lose interest or can go elsewhere if there is a delay in replying. Please note that your website, landing pages, and blogs must load fast. Audiences are too impatient to wait for your page to load and are likely to bounce back to another page. 

  1. Be agile. 

It’s important to analyze your performance while running content marketing campaigns. If you find that desired results are not achieved, you must be ready to change your strategy. It would be best if you had a content marketing agency that is agile for better results.  

What do you need to start? 

To jump in content marketing, you need the following skills or people with the following skills: 

  1. Copywriting. 
  1. Graphic designing. 
  1. Video production. 
  1. Customer resource management.  
  1. Digital marketing. 

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You can develop these skills in-house. Or you can hire one agency with these skillsets. The agency can create the best-suited strategies, relevant visual experience, and sales copies to help you achieve your goals. Ethosh Digital Inc is one of the best content marketing agencies in the USA and Europe. Also, they are well known for their scale, cost advantage, and agility.  


Content marketing has a great potential to convert audiences into buyers. Keep these thumb rules in mind while going ahead with content marketing. And find the best agency which can offer the above skill sets. The combination of a great strategy and a great agency can derive the best results. 


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