Easily Create Logo Online with DesignEvo

Logo Online with DesignEvo

The logo becomes very important if you have a company or business. The logo symbolizes a brand, business or company, or even a logo can represent your company. We recently learned that a jewelry company replaced the old logo with a new one. The change is to fulfill a wonderful lifestyle and bring a new spirit which will be reflected in all commitments and developments of the jewelry business lines they manage.

There is no denying that a company cannot grow without a strong logo. Meanwhile, how expensive it is to hire a professional designer to create a unique logo, especially for small businesses or bloggers like me. The great challenge is the lack of sufficient funds to pay for these services. However, if you want to make a logo your own, you may be hampered by incompetence in the design experience.

DesignEvo logo maker

Well, in this case, I found one effective online logo maker, namely DesignEvo. It is a web-based graphics program that makes it easy to create logos online. Through DesignEvo, we can create logos easily with more than 10 thousand logo templates and millions of vector icons, attractive fonts, diverse shapes, and easy editing capabilities.

For friends and me, bloggers or small business owners can try to create our own logos with DesignEvo. It’s very easy to use and won’t take much time to finish your logo. More important, it is the manufacture without having experience or professional design skills. 

Logo creation with DesignEvo

OK, this time, I will try to practice creating a logo with DesignEvo. Let’s take a jewelry logo as an example.

Open DesignEvo web and sign up first. You are able to use a Facebook or Google account to register. I use my Google account to log in directly here.

After the registration process is successful, select “Make a Free Logo” at the top left on the DesignEvo homepage. 

Choose a logo template

On DesignEvo’s template page, you can choose a jewelry logo template from the marvelous preset ones provided. There are more than 10 thousand templates available. Choose one of the desired categories. Or search the keyword “jewelry,” and it will show you a wide selection of stunning templates. Choose one to your liking.

Edit your logo

On the editor page, you are able to select the desired feature, either from icon, text, shape, or background. It’s pretty flexible to change the icon to your own one or search for a new one from its millions resources database. Then change the color, size, position at will.

For text, you can freely add your brand name or slogan and change the text color, font, size, position, etc. DesignEvo gives us the option to use more than 100 fonts, including classic style and art style.  

If you like, add a shape and background to your logo design to make it more unique. If you want a simpler one, you can just create a logo with simple text or a simple icon without other shapes and backgrounds. It’s up to you all.

Preview and download

Click Preview to see the result on any media kit materials, business cards, T-shirts, etc. You can save it to your account and make changes anytime you want in the future.

Or you can download it to vector SVG or PDF file for printing. There are three package options to download the logo. One of them is free, with a low-resolution free logo.

Basic and also the Plus package with specifications that can be seen from its pricing page here: https://www.designevo.com/pricing.html. I’m trying to use the Plus package in this process.

The document will automatically be downloaded in the form of a zip package.

Easy isn’t it? Good luck, friends…


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