Does Plucking White Hair Lead To More Greying?

Plucking White Hair

When you see that first strand of grey hair, all hell breaks loose. All you want is to somehow make it go away but just when you are about to pluck it, there is always that one person who shows up out of nowhere to say, “If you pluck that hair, more greys will grow in its place!”

You’ve heard a lot of people chant this but how much truth is there to this statement? Well, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Melanin, the pigment that is responsible for the colour of our skin, is also responsible for the colour of our hair. When the pigment cells around a hair follicle die, that particular hair turns grey. The reason why some people have too many greys at a younger age than others can be due to many reasons. Factors like stress, smoking, genetics, etc. are all contributing factors to the development of greys. 

It is important to understand that once a hair turns grey, it cannot be reversed. Unless you decide to colour the hair, the hair will remain grey. Though you know it cannot be reversed, your immediate response is to pluck it and make it go away. But does this have any consequences like they say?

Will The Grey Be Replaced By Multiple Greys If It Is Plucked?

To answer this question in one word, NO, you will not grow more greys if you pluck one. But wait! Before you go ahead and pluck it, there are a few things you should know.

Like we mentioned, a hair turns grey when the pigment cells around it die. Hence, if you pluck that one grey hair, the new one that grows in its place still does not have any pigment cells around it, which means that the new hair will also be grey. And since only one hair grows per follicle, if you pluck one hair, only one grows in its place, not two or multiple. A second hair can turn grey only if the pigment cells surrounding it dies as well.

So, if you want to get rid of that grey hair in some way other than using a hair dye, the best way is to carefully cut it. When you pluck a hair, the hair follicle gets traumatised. This affects hair growth. Hence, if you have to get rid of it, be gentle to the follicle and cut the hair instead. But always keep in mind that that hair will always grow grey.

How To Prevent Premature Greying Of Hair?

Most of us know that greying of hair is mostly inevitable. We are anticipating it but when it shows up sooner than be expected, it is cause for concern. The good news is that there are ways you can prevent it from showing up early. If not fully prevent it from happening, you can follow these tips and delay greying of hair as much as possible.

  1. Stress: Stress is only of the main reasons why more younger people are developing greys. Practising yoga, meditation, therapy, hot oil massage for hair growth, etc. are ways in which you can keep your stress under control, ergo, greys hairs as well.
  1. Good diet: Deficiency in nutrients like vitamin B12, B6, D and E can cause premature greying of hair. Ensure that your daily diet is rich in these nutrients. If you aren’t able to get the necessary amount of nutrients from your daily diet, it is advised to get it from hair supplements.
  1. Harsh chemicals: The use of harsh chemicals on your hair will affect your hair’s health. It can even cause permanent damage to your hair texture. Avoid salon treatments like straightening, perming, smoothening, etc. Even if you want to opt for these treatments, look for organic ones and also ensure that the gap between each treatment is at least 6-8 months. When choosing everyday hair products like shampoos and conditioners, choose ones without harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens, LLPs, etc. Look for products with Ayurvedic ingredients like the Tru Hair shampoo and conditioner that maintain your hair texture and provides hair rich nutrients.
  1. Smoking: Smoking is proven to increase hair fall and also promote premature greying of hair. Hence, it is advised to put that butt down.
  1. Hair Masks: DIY hair masks are fun to make at home. You get to choose ingredients that best fight premature greying of hair. Coconut oil, amla, sesame seeds, onion, curry leaves, etc. are some of the hero ingredients that help delay greying of hair. You can also buy a hair pack for strong hair which carries a combination of Ayurvedic ingredients. 
  1. Protect the hair: Pollution, sunlight, dust particles, etc are all contributing factors to altering hair texture and the overall health of the hair. Ensure that you protect your hair by covering it with a scarf, cap, etc when stepping out into pollution. 

These tips can be practised not just to delay premature greying but also if you find the first signs of grey hair. Once you see that one grey hair, you should immediately pay more attention to bettering the health of your hair as the more you take care of your hair, the slower the rest of the greys show up.

Apart from these tips, what else can you do to cover the existing greys?

What Do To If You Already Have Grey Hair?

Since having grey hair is not reversible, you might also want to think of ways you can cover it up without damaging it further and without stimulating new greys. Here are the top ways to do that:

  • Dye the hair: The most obvious and go-to method is hair dying. However, there are certain things you need to pay attention to. Choose brands that are safer and does not have harsh ingredients like ammonia. Since hair colours have many different chemicals in them, always remember to patch-test to check for reactions. You can opt to get it done by a professional or the many over-the-counter hair dyes also allow you to easily colour your hair at home.
  • Hairstyles that cover it up: When the greys are minimal, you just may be able to cover it up by trying new hairstyles. Switch up the usual hairstyles and see if you can fashion one that shows the greys the least.
  • Accessorise and conceal: Hair accessories like bandanas, scarfs, hair bands, etc, may help you cover greys that are minimal and restricted to certain areas as opposed to being uniformly distributed around the scalp.

More importantly, know that having grey hair is very natural and almost everyone around you either already has it or will have it at some point in their life. Choosing to have a healthy hair care routine is important for not just managing greys but also to have better hair texture, growth and for learning how to control hair fall.

The first step to having a good hair routine is choosing the products that are right for you. Tru Hair is a haircare brand that offers a set of hair products that are free of harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens, LLP, etc. They carry rare Ayurvedic ingredients that target specific hair problems and help you get that model-like hair. You can take the three-factor hair analysis test that recommends ingredients and products based on your demography, lifestyle, body type and hair type. It helps you understand what your hair lacks and even get a better understanding of your hair.


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