Different Types of Shower Arms: Tips to Choose Best One

Different Types of Shower Arms: Tips to Choose Best One

When it comes to bathrooms, most people are aware of the bathroom heads. What many people miss is about the shower arms. It is, even more, a true fact that there are many people who do not even know what a shower arm is! But to your delight, a shower head without a shower arm is inaccessible and even sometimes gives us an uncomfortable look and use. And there are so many types of them available in the market where gooseneck shower arms are the topmost favorite. So, please continue scrolling to know more about shower arms.

Do You Know What a Shower Arm Is?

Many of you already know about a shower arm. But though, a shower arm is popular in its usage, and there are some people who still have difficulty in knowing this piece of comfort. A shower arm extension comes out from the wall and helps in holding the showerhead. Not just holding the head, but it also provides excellent flexibility. This flexibility helps in using the showerhead to the maximum. You can adjust the head up and down. When you choose good shower head arms, there is also a possibility that you can utilise the head and turn it within some amount of degree. Thus, make the best out of the innovations and technologies that are available in the market and in hand.

Types of Shower Arms

You might know that there are so many kinds of showerheads that are available in the market. Similarly, there are also so many shower arms that are present in the market. Each of these shower arms has its functionality and stands out of the lot with the same. The various kinds of shower arms are:

The standard one: These are the traditional shower arms that are present in many of the houses. This is the basic model, but it can also be utilised with increased flexibility. This flexibility which the shower arm provides is limited within a small angle. You can operate your shower head only within this limit. Thus, if you are looking for a minimal design with simple functionality, then this shower arm can be the best one for you.

The straight show: The next most popular shower arm is the straight shower arm. When people started using those standard shower arms, there was a different feel that this was not enough. People were looking for designs that could provide them with more flexibility than the standard one. That is when these straight shower arms were created. These shower arms can confidently put up 90 degrees show. And this makes the flexibility and usage of showerheads even more comfortable.

S-shaped design: These S-shaped designs of shower arms are usually called gooseneck shower arms. These shower arms are highly efficient. When there are so many people in the house, their heights do matter. Not every person is of the same height. Thus, adjusting the height of the showerhead can be a necessary part. And these gooseneck shower arms are the best in this functionality.

These are the basic types of shower arms that are available in the market. This classification is done based on the design of shower arms. But there are also other types of shower arms that are available in the market. Like, you will fix the showerheads, either upon the ceiling or on the walls. So, depending upon this, ceiling shower arms and wall shower arms will be available in the market. You can choose the best shower arm that suits your type and functionality.

Tips for Selecting the Best Shower Arm

  • Always please have a concern about the design that you are choosing. This is because it is important that you choose the proper design, and this will help in getting a proper finish and comfort.
  • Choosing the finish and colour of a shower arm is important. When you have a bathroom, and you have a theme that is being applied to it. It is also necessary that you are choosing the proper colour for your shower arm. Only this process can help your bathroom look neat and not awkward.
  • Would you please spend some time and do some research about the types of shower arms that are available in the market? Please avoid choosing the existing types of shower arms and instead try something new. Please consider the new designs in your mind. 

The Bottom Line

Thus, these are the different kinds of shower arms that are available in the market. Choosing the best shower arm can increase the utilisation of the showerheads, which will also increase the comfort of using the bathroom. The more comfortable you are in choosing the required materials, the more functional and smart your house can become.

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