How Android Tracking App Can Save Your Kids From Cyberbullying?

With the advancement of technology and the increase in the usage of the internet and social media, today’s youth brings online bullies with them at home. Cyberbullying happens with the use of digital media on digital devices. Bullying involved social psychology and even in extreme situations includes physical harm. Kids experience online bullying depression, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, and even […]

How To Grow A Digital Business On A Low Budget

The goal of many entrepreneurs is to grow their digital business on a low budget and obtain immediate results. When I talk to potential customers I always try not to give too much expectation on the results, but to study the strategy suited to their market sector and based on the target they want to reach. A strategy if well […]

How to Perform a Security Assessment for Small Business?

Cybersecurity is more relevant than ever in this age of information. Where threats are continually evolving, so are the defenses against them. Regular risk assessment can save an organization from a colossal failure to protect its interests. For better preparation, and mitigation of risks, risk assessments should be conducted regularly as a pre-emptive measure to deal with any potential security […]

What To Expect Out Of Augmented Reality In The Future?

Thinking about the recent technology can leave you gasping in surprise, as the environment created by the newest tech trends has completely revamped the way we interact with the services around us. When it comes to discussing different tech trends, then, of course, missing AR can never be possible. It has surpassed the imagination by bringing a flavorful touch of […]

What is 5G Technology and Its Useful Advantages

What is 5G Technology? In telecommunications, the 5G is the latest fifth-generation mobile technology standard, and the intended replacement for the current 4G wireless networks that offer wireless connectivity to virtually all current mobile phones, both new and old. Its primary selling points include a much faster connection speed (which is often referred to as ‘a bit speed’) and longer […]

Ways to Integrate IoT in Online Dating

Online Dating is a huge industry which can generate the revenue of more than $2 million. The dating apps and websites are having tech innovations which nobody would ever think of. The dating apps are the new normal which is highly used by the millennials and young adults or were used by them to find their special ones. Dating apps […]