How To Use Shampoo For Your Vibrant Hair

Learn how to shampoo color-treated hair right here  No one wants to see their hair color wash down the drain soon after dyeing it. That’s why using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner set developed for colored hair can keep your hue fresh and beautiful, whether it’s brown, black, blonde, red, or beyond (hello, purple and rose gold!). Shampoos are developed […]

Does Plucking White Hair Lead To More Greying?

When you see that first strand of grey hair, all hell breaks loose. All you want is to somehow make it go away but just when you are about to pluck it, there is always that one person who shows up out of nowhere to say, “If you pluck that hair, more greys will grow in its place!” You’ve heard […]

How Does Micro-Needling Works With PRP in Los Angeles

While Microneedling is an excellent treatment that helps heal your skin and gives a youthful look, PRP therapy equally does that. But as per Microneedling Los Angeles experts, their patients get a more effective outcome when they combine these two treatments. It’s a vital foundation that provides maximum absorption, quick healing, and optimal results.  How do These Two Work? Generally, Microneedling is […]

Are You Eligible To Seek Individual Counseling?

Going by the name, individual counseling is a personal opportunity to receive constant support while growing and experiencing challenges in life.  Do you need individual counseling? One of the most common concerns that arise when you think about counseling sessions—individual counseling assists one to handle many personal aspects of life.  Be it controlling anger, depression, anxiety, relationship stress, marriage stress, […]

Why Should You Consider Home Massage From Now On?

If you have arrived at this page online, the chances are high that you are curious about the benefits of massage. There are also chances that you will find out why your shoulders are hunching or your neck is so tight by the end of this article. Otherwise, you are a first-timer looking for physical pleasures and want to give […]

Rice Water: Your Secret To Healthy & Voluminous Hair

Do you know that Huangluo village in China, nicknamed “Long hair village” as the Yeowomen, has dreamy long and shiny hair? Well, you know now! The fame of long hair is such that the women have also made an appearance in the Guinness Book of Records. Furthermore, Yeowomen revealed that they use fermented rice water for hair when asked the secret to […]

Importance of Wearing Mask And Social Distancing

More public places are requiring the use of face masks to avoid the spread of a virus-based illness. In Dubai, wearing a face mask is an extra precaution to prevent the transmission of virus-carrying droplets. Wearing a mask is an extra step in limiting the spread of virus-carrying droplets. You’ve heard it before, and you know wearing a face mask […]