Best Family Resorts To Stay At When You’re In Bangalore

Best Family Resorts


Bangalore is a city filled with culture, beauty, and adventure. But if you’re looking for quality family time while in the city, why not book a stay at one of the best family resorts?

The spacious accommodations, diverse ambiances, and gorgeous architecture of Bangalore’s family resorts are well-known. They take great delight in offering luxurious amenities and comfortable lodgings. To maximize a comfortable stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the resorts provide top-notch amenities including swimming pools, gyms, spa rooms, and a variety of other pleasures.

The resorts in Bangalore are the perfect getaway for families looking to get away from the monotonous rush and bustle of daily life. They provide exhilarating water rides, an abundance of flowers, and a stunning green setting. The resorts’ unique offerings that bring you closer to rural life include bullock cart rides, on-site lakes, kite flying, cow-milking, and traditional activities.

This article will tell you about our favorite family-friendly resorts in Bangalore, from luxurious spa retreats to fun-filled activities for kids. So, if you’re looking for a place to take your family on vacation that won’t break the bank or tire out your energy levels, then read on!

Resorts In Bangalore

1. Guhantara Resort

The Guhantara resort provides a unique experience by offering a unique blend of activities to rejuvenate your senses.

The ancient building of long-gone civilizations has been perfectly incorporated into the landscape of carved rocks, transporting you back to that world. The Guhantara resort is ideal for gatherings with friends and family, but you can also have business functions there.


2. Shilhaandara Resort:

Shilhaandara resort is a representation of the wild outdoors, where time stands still and the environment is covered in untamed granite rock formations that are breathtakingly beautiful. For cautious tourists and thrill-seekers eager to escape a routine existence, opulence, architecture, and endless access to nature come together here. Shilhaandara offers a peaceful hideaway for couples and an active escape for thrill-seekers, welcoming both thrill-seekers and families with open arms.

Shilhaandara resort is for the real seeker in you since you can only fully comprehend who you are after leading an adventurous life.

3. RB Natural Retreat

When fun and adventure calls with your friends or family, you would like to vacation somewhere where you can find both as well as enjoy time outside. This place is called RD’S Nature Retreat in Bannerghatta and is located about 25 kilometers outside of Bangalore city in the Ragihalli forest. It is well-known as an adventure resort in Bangalore and makes for the perfect getaway with friends, family, and coworkers.

As soon as you arrive at RB Nature Retreat, it begins to feel like a retreat into the woods. The neighborhood offers an ambiance that is akin to living in the woods but with all the facilities you need for a pleasant life, so you get to be close to nature.

4. Vana resorts

Join your loved ones for a memorable vacation at the Vana Resort in southwest India’s Karnataka. This wonderful outing offers the ideal backdrop for city dwellers looking to unwind in the peace of the countryside.

Relax by the pool, in the garden, or swing in a hammock while reading a book from the on-site library. Participate in a variety of indoor-outdoor activities while having fun and playing. You may create some amazing memories with your loved ones by scheduling a day vacation at the Vana Resort Bangalore.

5. Gold Coin Resort

The Gold Coin Resort in Bangalore offers the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life since it is surrounded by lovely green grounds and has a peaceful ambiance. Bring your family and loved ones along and enjoy a wonderful day at the resort.

Various enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities, team games, and other activities are available here for you to partake in. Enjoy yourself by taking advantage of today’s exclusive Gold Coin Resort Bangalore Day Out package!


Bangalore is an excellent place to go if you want to get away with your family. You’re sure to discover something that suits your needs and budget among the wonderful family resorts in the region. Families seeking an adventurous yet comfortable vacation have a wide range of accommodations to choose from, including opulent beachfront villas and affordable homestays.

Bangalore provides a variety of activities including night safaris, mountain hikes, and city tours – undoubtedly enough to keep any family engaged – for those looking for discovery and adventure throughout their vacation. Therefore, before making travel plans, it is definitely worthwhile to look into some of Bangalore’s top family resorts, regardless of the type of lodging you’re seeking.

Shilhaandara Resort: 3

Guhantara resort: 3

RB Nature Retreat: 3


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