Know About Top 10 Beauty Hacks for Men

Beauty Hacks for Men

Both men and women need to keep themselves groomed and maintained. Personal care is equally important for men and women. The time is gone when taking care of your skin, hair and beauty was only a women’s job. Now the men have also discovered the benefits of being groomed and attractive. Here are some beauty hacks for men that will groom your personality.

CTM (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing) routine:

1. Moisturize your skin:

Research says that an adult carries about 8 pounds of skin. So, we need to take care of it according to its volume. The first step you can take towards your skincare or grooming and beauty is moisturizing your skin regularly, especially after bathing. Use a good quality moisturizing body lotion to moisturize your skin and face moisturizer for your face. Moisturizing prevents cracks, dull and dry skin issues. Also, drink plenty of water. Drinking lots of water solve your many skin problems.

2. Cleanse your face:

Cleansing is not only important for women. If you think that cleansing is a thing which only women need cleansing, you are wrong. It would be wrong to say that cleansing is more important for men than women because their skin is most exposed to the sun and thicker and oily skin. Using the cleansing of an ln authentic company will surely help you keep your skin clean and clear.

It helps to clean all the dirt, pollution, sweat, oil and dust from your face. Dead skin is eliminated, and your skin is sanitized after cleansing. It also safe you from acne and pimples as it cleans all the extra oil from your face. For clear skin, make it your habit to cleanse your face daily in the night or the morning.

3. Toning:

Your CTM routine is incomplete without toning. Cleansing and moisturizing toning your skin with a good toner that suits your skin should be part of your skincare routine. Don’t worry if you do not have toner you can spray rose water as a toner on your skin daily for best results.  

4. Apply sunscreen:

Always apply sunscreen whenever you go out. Choose a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF because the main thing that spoils your skin and tanning is not heat but the sun’s harmful rays, which spoil your skin color and skin. Along with your face also apply sunscreen to your hands for protecting them from the sun rays. The proper way of applying sunscreen is to apply it 15 minutes before going out to be completely absorbed on your face and hands.

5. Get rid of dry hair:

There should be several reasons for your frizzed out and dry hair. Maybe you live in a colder region; your climate also affects your hair. But to get rid of your dry hair, the first thing to do is leaving the habit of daily shampooing your hair. This could be the main reason for your dry hair, and it also damages your hair. Try to use a shampoo with natural ingredients and some moisturizing agents for your hair to protect them from being static. And also use conditioner after applying shampoo. Conditioner is for hair not for women, all those who have hair can use conditioner.

6. Haircare:

If you love your hair then never scrub dry your hair with a towel. Scrubbing your hair harshly with a towel will damage your hair follicles. Instead, if that dry your hair gently with a soft hand, and be careful while drying your hair with heat, never use hair dryer directly on your head. It would damage your scalp. Also, the shorter your hair is, the easier it would be to manage them. Also, be careful after while choosing any hair product for your hair.

7. Under-eye bags:

The main reason for bags or dark circles under your eye is improper sleeping routine and unrest. Take a relaxed and comfortable eight hours sleep. Taking proper sleep will resolve your number of physical and mental problems. If still, you have dark circles or bags under your eye then there is a simple hack which would surely help you take two tea or green tea bags, soak it into the water for three to four minutes then put it into the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

Squeeze the extra water from them and then put them on your eyes for about fifteen to thirty minutes. Placing cold spoons over your eye is also beneficial. Another thing which you can do is dab some Preparation H under your eyes for magical results.

8. Protect your face when you shave:

Be careful and alert while shaving to protect your face. For better shave and protection of your face during shaving, your shaving cream plays an important role. Use the best shaving cream for men which has antioxidant and soothing ingredients. These soothing ingredients will make your shaving easy. Do not use shaving gel as they contain more alcohol which is risky for dry skin. Also, don’t forget to apply after shaving cream or moisturizer once you have shaved.

9. Minimize wrinkles:

As you are getting older soon, you will have wrinkles on your face. To minimize wrinkle, you should take proper diet. Eat watery fruits and vegetables to keep your body hydrated, and keep your skin fresh. Eat watermelon, melon, cucumber, lemon, tomatoes and cabbage. They contain vitamin A and C, which are powerful agents against wrinkles.

10. Whiten your smile:

Smile has the power to melt hearts. Your smile should be refreshing and pleasing. If your teeth are dirty and yellow, then your smile will become horrible and unpleasant for the people. Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day and using mouthwash would be beneficial and decrease the risk of cavity and gum diseases. And if you want to use something natural for whitening your teeth, the strawberry mash is the best option and a natural teeth whitener.


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