Top 8 Beautiful Indoor Plants To Bring Home Now

beautiful Indoor Plants

If you are thinking of adding some new members to your family, we have got the perfect solution for you. Have a look at our list of plants that are a must for every house. Choose a plant from this list and go ahead to buy them.


For those who are willing to buy money plants online, Chinese money plants can be taken into consideration. They have round leaves that are thick and glossy. For this reason, they are also called the pancake plant. Pilea peperomioides is also called the missionary plant or the popular Chinese money plant.


Aloe vera or the aloe arborescens is often used in beauty products. The Ayurveda and the beauty industry makes use of its gel to make skin creams, face wash and hair care products. Its gel is edible and is used for reducing inflammation and helps in weight loss as well. They are cactus-like plants that require well-draining sandy soil for their growth. Aloes grow well in full sun.


The donkey tail plant is also known as the lamb’s tail or the burro’s tail. It has tear-dropped fleshy leaves. Donkey tail plants can propagate all year round. They must be planted in early spring. The stem of this plant can grow up to 60cm long. These plants required a lot of water to maintain their attractiveness.


A perennial creeper that belongs to the daisy family, strings of pearls or the string of beads grow well in shade. Their trailing stems can grow up to 60-90 cm long. Its leaves are small and round and resemble a grain of pea. Flowers of these plants have petals that look like trumpets that last only for the duration of s month.


You may buy jade plants online and bring them to your house in order to be blessed with good luck. Jade plant or the crassula ovata must be placed in a moist soil that is rich in nutrients and organic contents. You must fix a routine for watering the plant so that the soil never runs out of water. These are evergreen plants that have smooth leaves and thick branches.


Bunny ears cactus has got many names such as the angel’s wings, polka dot cactus and opuntia microdasys. It is a species of flowering plants that grow as shrubs. It is small in size and is very hairy. It grows well in dry or semi-arid climates in desert-like areas. While placing indoors, you must ensure that the plant is exposed to the bright sun. You must be careful around this plant or else you might end up being hurt.


Ficus lyrata or the fiddle leaf fig belongs to the fig family of the plant kingdom. Its leaves are usually small and have a leathery texture. It is widely popular as an ornamental tree that grows well under indirect sources of natural light. They are at the top of the list of house plants because they enhance the look of the interior decor. It can grow well despite being placed in a low light area, however, you shall not keep on moving it from one location to another.


Boston bluebell fern or the tuber ladder fern has delicate leaves that look like the tail of a fish. This plant can provide additional amounts of humidity. You must ensure that you place the plant in damp soil so that it grows well. It grows at a slow pace and can be planted either at the onset of the spring season or during the fall. They require a very little amount of sunlight so you must place them in the darkest and the coolest corner of your house. You shall pour less water into the soil during winters so that the soil does not become excessively moist.

Indoor plants are a great way of remaining connected to the nature, you must Buy plants online and look after their growth. 


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