5 Best Apps for Remote Teaching and Learning

Remote Teaching and Learning

Have you ever thought about how online teaching would work without upgraded applications? Yes, you are right it’s impossible to teach or learn in such a situation. However, in other words, it is even worse than a nightmare to think about attending classes on old version software. 

The current era is incomplete without the use of mobile phones and laptops for social networking, playing games, or watching Netflix. So why not make it for a good purpose as well. The idea of remote learning is for better results because everything will receive in the data form and there would be fewer chances of any kind of academic loss. Also, it provides ease for students and teachers in many ways in comparison to the traditional classrooms.

Now, the question is what such kinds of applications are and how they can be used. Don’t worry; all the detailed information is shared here to resolve your queries. You are more than welcome to read till the end.

1- Google Classroom

I kid you not; this is an amazing application with hundreds of features to facilitate every user. It works fine for both android and iOS devices. One of the best things about this application is that teachers can select random students through the option selector to engage all the class. This helps create video lectures. Sharing with students and also announcing any important news with them. Add Google Classroom to your go-to teaching apps list for the future.

2- Educreations

This is a game-changer for creating tutorials, allowing you to make lectures in any form. It can be animation, a diagram, or any written lesson on a whiteboard. After making a video, an option is there to buy an assignment online and record your voice that goes with the instructions for clarity. The only not-so-good thing is this application supports only iOS devices. Other than this it is one of the best remote learning tools. 

3- Kahoot

An advanced app for modern teaching and learning management systems. This introduces the unique feature that can change the lecture into a kind of game. Being a teacher, you just have to make a list of questions along with the right answer and upload it. Students can simply download the application and participate in the game by going for a buzzer for a confirmed answer. All the scores are also shared with the mistakes. This has compatibility with Android and iOS too. The purpose of all this procedure is to make the reading more interesting because learners get bored most of the time. So here is a solution.

4- Zoom

It’s a 10/10 application for uninterrupted communication. Also, it has become the most favorite digital platform in 2021 and onwards. The good news is it comes with both a free and paid version. Teachers can easily discuss in a group or individual by using this. A kind of a one-stop solution that includes sharing important files and meeting links to lecture schedules, everything under the roof. Are you still confused and thinking? Switch on to zoom now.

5- Remind

A kind of convenient application for worried parents and teachers. It gives an opportunity to even communicate with students via private messages and attaching a separate link of their grades. Simultaneously the same file can be shared with their guardians too. As it is important to make them aware of the progress. The other very amazing feature is that it allows you to translate the text into more than 90 languages which is why it is suggested for people knowing any specific language. 

Jump onto the Technological Bandwagon

How blessed we are to have such fast methods to save our precious time and also fulfill the purpose of online learning. The need is to educate you about all those new tools and applications that serve in the best ways. Say yes to new teachable options.


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