A Guide to Place Your Online Food Order in Train

A Guide to Place Your Online Food Order in Train

Food and travelling go hand in hand, but at the same time, it becomes a major concern when the journey is longer than 24 hours. Carrying food in trains from home is cumbersome. Also, there are chances of food getting contaminated or stale. However, nowadays, many online apps have relieved travellers from worrying about what to eat and how to eat. These online platforms help travellers with placing their online food order in train.

Online Food Order in Train
Online Food Order in Train

RailMitra provides exceptional services for food order in trains, PNR check, live running train status and more.

Why Place Online Food Order in Train

We all know the poor quality of food sold by the vendors on the trains or at the stations. Earlier, ones travelling by train had no other option, so they had to rely on homemade or pantry food to quench their hunger. However, with the evolution in technology, there has been a sharp rise in e-catering apps. Ordering food online is far better than eating pantry food because you can –

  • Have pure and hygienic food at an affordable price
  • Get a variety of meals from restaurants at your berth
  • your money back if your food remains undelivered
  • get your meals on time at your allotted seat

Why Order Food from RailMitra?

There are many reasons to order food on the train from RailMitra. Have been a lot of issues regarding the poor quality of food sold at the stations or by food vendors on the trains. RailMitra assures you –

FSSAI-Approved Restaurant Food

Food ordered from RailMitra is prepared by top restaurants that follow the FSSAI rules and regulations. They ensure your food is cooked in a hygienic environment and is delicious and healthy. It is more hygienic than the pantry food available at stations.

Multi-Cuisine Food and Beverage Menu

You get all your favorite foods and famous dishes from other cities. You can order a large variety of food, veg or non-veg, like any Thali on a train, Biryani, Jain Food on trains, snacks, lunch, dinner, regional, national and international cuisines including South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Chinese along with milk and beverages.

Standard Packaging of Food Items

For every food order in train, food and beverages offered are covered with sealed packets approved by FSSAI to prevent leakage. The food is tightly and neatly packed, which saves it from spills.

On-time Order Delivery

RailMitra ensures all deliveries are on time and at the berth due to its real-time train tracking system. You don’t need to travel. Place your orders at least an hour in advance to enjoy better services.

Place Group Food Order

If you are travelling with friends, family or colleagues and want to order food for the whole group, you can place a group order of your choice. You must visit the RailMitra website and go to the ‘Group Order’ section. After receiving the orders, the food partners of RailMitra prepare food boxes as required by the group.

Jain Food Delivery in Train

RailMitra provides the Jain community with pure veg food ensuring that nothing cultivated under the Earth’s surface, like potatoes, onions etc., is present in the food. You must visit the RailMitra app and go to the “Jain Food” option to order Jain Food.

RailMitra also provides discounts and other perks to its customers occasionally.

How to Order Food in Train Online?

To place a food order in train online through RailMitra, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the RailMitra website at or install the app.
  • Click on the “Food in Train” option.
  • Enter your ten-digit PNR Number or Train Number along with the boarding date.
  • Select the station where you want your food to be delivered.
  • You can see a list of restaurants and menus. Click on the food item that you wish to have.
  • After you have selected your food, move towards the payment option. You can use “Cash on Delivery” or online payment methods.

You can also use the Toll-Free number 8102888222 to place your order. You will receive an SMS for confirmation, and after your order is delivered, you can pay using cash on delivery.

After placing a food order in train, you can relax and wait for your order to be delivered at the allotted berth.

How to Track Your Food on RailMitra?

You can check the status of the food that you have ordered easily on RailMitra. For this, you need to

  • Visit the RailMitra website or install the app
  • Open the ‘Track Food Order Status’
  • Enter your Order ID

Online food order in train services has been beneficial for train travellers. They can choose from many items at affordable prices. Train ecatering services are efficient and save your time and effort. You can do away with the struggle of carrying homemade meals or stepping out of the train in search of quality food at the stations.

So, place your food order in trains with RailMitra while travelling on the Indian Railways. It is one of the best apps, providing the additional facility of PNR check, trains schedule, live running train status, upcoming stations, etc.  

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