8 Best Jobs for Political Science Majors To Pursue

8 Best Jobs for Political Science Majors To Pursue

Political science majors develop a deep understanding of political systems, policies, and international relations. While political science teacher jobs are a pretty common choice, there are several other rewarding career paths to explore. Here are 8 best jobs for political science majors:

Political Science Teacher

With a degree in political science, you can pursue a career as a political science teacher. These teachers educate students about political theory, government systems. They also educate students about international relations, and public policy. They play a crucial role in shaping students’ understanding of political concepts and fostering critical thinking skills.

Government Affairs Specialist

Government affairs specialists work for organizations to monitor and influence government policies. They analyze political landscapes and establish relationships with government officials. Political science majors’ knowledge of the political system and policy-making process is highly valuable in this role.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts assess the impact of policies on various sectors and provide recommendations to governments, non-profit organizations, or think tanks. They conduct research, analyze data, and contribute to the development of effective policies. Political science majors’ understanding of political dynamics and policy processes makes them well-suited for this career.

Political Consultant

Political consultants provide strategic advice to political campaigns, candidates, or organizations. They develop campaign strategies, conduct polling and research, and provide guidance on messaging and public relations. Political science majors’ understanding of political campaigns and electoral processes is crucial in this role.


Diplomats represent their country’s interests abroad, engage in negotiations, and promote diplomatic relations. They work in embassies, consulates, or international organizations. Political science majors’ knowledge of international relations, political systems, and diplomacy provides a solid foundation for this career.


Lobbyists advocate for specific policies, legislation, or interests on behalf of organizations or interest groups. They engage with policymakers, develop persuasive arguments, and seek to influence political decision-making. Political science majors’ understanding of political structures and policy processes is advantageous in this field.

Legislative Analyst

Legislative analysts work for legislative bodies, analyzing proposed legislation and providing recommendations to lawmakers. They research policy issues, draft reports, and contribute to the legislative process. Political science majors’ understanding of the legislative system and policy analysis is beneficial in this career.

Public Administrator

Public administrators work in government agencies, managing programs and policies. They ensure efficient delivery of public services, oversee budgets, and coordinate with various stakeholders. Political science majors’ understanding of public policy, governance, and public administration principles is relevant in this field.

Final Words

These best jobs for political science majors demonstrate the diverse career opportunities available beyond political science teacher jobs. By leveraging their knowledge of Political systems, Political science majors can contribute to various sectors, shaping public policy, and making an impact in the political landscape.


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