7 Betting Tips To Consider From Sharp Sports Bettors

Sharp Sports Bettors

Pro bettors are good at their game. And that’s a fact. But while they may be losing 40-45 percent of their bets, sharp bettors would be hitting about 60-65 percent of their wager. In essence, these guys have a high rate and a super-long track record of success. So, if you want to know how they do it, here are some great tips you can use from them: 

The ultimate goal for sharp bettors is to find different ways to locate smart action. Some of these include reverse line movement, line freezes, and more. Betting against the public can also be a good start, and aligning yourself with the professionals.

Here are seven betting tips that you want to borrow from the betting experts: 

1. Bet With A Clear Mind And Not Your Heart 

Most punters tend to make this mistake of betting on their favorite’s sports team, regardless of who they’re playing against, which is wrong. While that can be such a desirable thing to happen, it’s not the most intelligent thing to do if you want to win some bucks. The professionals know better than that, and you should follow the same. One of the betting tips from sports experts is never to place bets with your emotions. 

2. Look For Value Bets

A novice bettor or someone doing it for fun might not be very keen on finding value bets. But if you want to do the way professionals do, and keep your bankroll intact, then this is something you want to consider. That means going for those odds or lines that appear favorable to you. But your guts should speak to you here and not your emotions. It’s a skill that sharp bettors have mastered through practice and commitments. 

So, we’re not saying it’s something you can quickly acquire. At first, you’ll make plenty of mistakes. But once you commit yourself and practice as often as possible, you’ll start spotting value in bets. It would help to place bets before the lines change, so you have to be an early bird. And this is what will give you an edge over other bettors. 

3. Have Realistic Goals

Even when you’re trying to become like professionals, it will help get some realistic expectations. Yes, you’ll lose quite a lot before you start winning some decent cash. Putting more time and effort into sports betting will help you achieve your goals. 

As you work on this, don’t forget that sharp sport’s bettors cash in 55% of their bets while other bets remain 48%. So, this should be your ultimate target. Maybe you can start with a 51% target and work your way up. If you can be consistent, then you’re closer to becoming one of the professionals. 

4. Bet the Amount you Can Afford To Lose

Well, this remains one of the most basic rules in betting, but most punters ignore it. But sharp bettors don’t. What they do is they stick to this rule of thumb by placing a wager that represents 1 to 5 percent of their bankroll.

You can always start with an amount that won’t make you go crazy if you lose all of it. Then as you get better at the game, you can increase the amount, considering the rule of the thumb when it comes to your bankroll. 

5. Shop Around

You should never settle with one sportsbook as a bettor. Check what other bookies have to offer if you can, and you’ll see who has the most-friendly odds. When you compare different sportsbooks, you’ll find various odds on selected games or props. Always keep your options open, and you’ll identify some favorable odds as you maximize your ROI. 

6. Know Your Game

Well, they say you go with the flow, but this can cost you when it comes to the betting game. Just because everybody you know is cuckoo about a particular sport, you shouldn’t follow that line if you don’t know anything about it. Instead of wasting your money on what you’re unsure of and losing big, you better stick to a sports game that you understand.

But you can still learn about a particular sport by putting in some effort and spending some time trying to enlighten yourself. Watch the game as many times as possible. Learn all the players and all the latest happenings, and stay on top of everything. 

7. Know the Right Time

Smart bettors pay attention to the public betting trends. And one of the most critical strategies is knowing when to make a move. If you don’t know the perfect timing, you’ll end up losing money, which many bettors have fallen victim to, and start chasing their losses. They come to realize later if they had waited for some minutes or hours, they could have netted much more or better odds.

For instance, sometimes, you need to place bets before the game starts. A sport like football usually runs on weekends. So, the professionals bet way earlier in the week rather than waiting for the D-day. If you can recognize such trends, then you can make some timely bets at the right time. 


These are seven splendid betting tips you can use to your advantage from sharp bettors. Along with knowing your game, researching, and looking for value bets, being timely on your wager, is pretty critical.


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