5 Travel Essentials List for Safe Covid Travel

Travel Essentials List for Safe

One of the things the Covid pandemic did was cause travel to nearly stop. There were no flights, train rides, buses stopped operating and for a time even vehicular travel was restricted. Travel especially tourist travel nearly came to a halt. Everyone was stuck indoors for fear that the pandemic would spread. A year later, restrictions have eased up and people have began traveling to and from their homes but of course with safety precautions still in place. Travel has also resumed and many have started to travel once again to different destinations locally and abroad.

There are safety guidelines and protocols that we need to follow especially if we plan to travel. In many cases, this is to not only protect yourself but to protect others from catching the deadly virus. These are just some of top travel essentials list for safe covid travel.

The Face Mask and Face Shield

Most areas still require a face mask before you can enter and is expected in many locations abroad even if it’s not a requirement. Make sure to have a face mask handy, whether it be a cloth mask, an n95 mask or the commonly used surgical masks. Whatever it is, keep this handy on you or in your luggage. Locally, most places and establishments also require you to wear a face shield. It is best to follow these rules to avoid conflict with authorities and to ensure that you have a safe and stress-free time while travelling.

Hand Sanitizer

I can’t stress enough how this is such an important travel essential today. Though it’s become free to travel again, it doesn’t mean that our environments are completely safe. It’s best to carry sanitizer so you can disinfect your hands and maybe the surfaces that you are about to touch. You really can’t be too careful these days especially since the covid virus can linger on your body and any surface without you knowing. I bring mine everywhere I can. Make sure to stock your emergency medic kits as well as a back up. But do take note your airport restrictions when carrying liquid before flying.

Disinfecting Wipes

In lieu of having hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes is another great essential to carry with you when you travel. Wipe down any surface you are about to touch and especially if you are about to eat outside. You don’t know who were the previous people sitting at your table or using your utensils and while most places are quite stringent with their disinfecting process, one can never be too careful by adding that extra layer of protection and security. And no, it’s not overkill to have wipes and alcohol or hand sanitizer with you.

Smartphone Sanitizer

What is the one thing that we bring closest to our faces and hands and tends to be placed down everywhere? Your phone. Truth be told, your phone has probably gotten to more grimy and unclean places than any thing that you have. And because of that, it becomes a hotspot where the virus can land. What then can you do? There are now devices that you can store your phones in that comes with a UV sanitizing light. Perfect for killing any bacteria that we may not be aware is already on your phone and spreading throughout the outside of your body.

Emergency Medical Kit

While we are not expecting anything major may happen during your travel, there’s no reason not to be prepared. A simple emergency medical kit or medics kit is a great medical supply kit to have in your bag at all times. Fill it up with alcohol, cotton balls, bandages, thermometer, and maybe a few over-the-counter medicines. You never want to be caught unaware especially when a sudden emergency arrives.

Now of course, it’s always so important to ensure that you have these medical supplies and keep them stocked while you can. You can always visit shops in Bambang, Sta Cruz that have a wide array of supplies you will need for your travel.

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