4 Helpful Tips To Select The Functional And Stylish Wardrobes

Functional And Stylish Wardrobes

Sometimes, you might feel like revamping the closet for a completely new look. When you first purchased the old wardrobes, you were pretty happy with the result you got. Picking the right piece of furniture for your home is a challenging task. You have to establish a perfect balance of functionality and style, and every piece of furniture should match with each other as well as with the interior décor of the respective rooms. Buying the perfect wardrobes is thus a tough job for maximum homeowners. Here you can find some tips to choose the best wardrobes for your home to enhance the house’s beauty.

Understand your wardrobes need:

You might get inspired by the fashionable and spacious storage areas of celebrities. But before drawing inspiration from those designs, take a minute and think. Do you really need that much space to store your garments? Unless you understand your requirement, you will end up selecting wardrobes that will remain half-empty and occupy excessive floor space, making your bedroom too clumsy. So always choose the wardrobes according to your storage needs.

1. Nature of use

There are numerous types of furniture available in the market, beginning from the double door, three-door, sliding, and mirrored ones, as well as the freestanding wardrobes.  Once you open the door, the entire space is available, and you can customize the interior and design your wardrobes with the combination of the drawers, hanging space, shelves, and shoe racks.

2. Understanding the functionality

  • Do you have a wardrobe collection that demands the hanging space? Then you have to maximize the hanging space available inside the furniture. For storing the long coats or the evening gown, you have to keep ample space for the hangings section.
  • What are you going to use the shelves and drawers for? Usually, you plan to store the pieces of jewelry and bags inside the drawers and the shelves. You have a clear idea of your possession, and you can select the number and types of shelves accordingly. Apart from that, you can add few lockers in your wardrobes where you can store your money and other essential documents.

3. The right style

The correct design of the furniture matters a lot, especially when you are going to place it in the bedroom. It will contribute to the overall look and taste of the room. Go for the timeless classic models if you have already designed the bedroom based on the traditional theme. But the contemporary designs are also equally good if your room décor is more of the trendy designs. You have to be very selective about the handles of the wardrobes. You can opt for various styles like

  • Glass knobs
  • Metallic structures resembling sculptures
  • Ring pulls
  • Brush- chromed slim handles

Please go through the style of the room and then imagine which will suit them best. You must choose the best quality materials for your wardrobes, which will last for years.

4. Material of the furniture

  • It is essential to choose durable materials as nobody purchases such massive pieces of furniture every alternate year. So durability should be the prime factor to consider while checking out the options. There are some manufacturers available that offer limited warranty on their wardrobes and you can avail the same to save your maintenance cost.
  • Solid wood is a very popular material that contributes to making hardwearing and robust wardrobes. Other cost-effective options include the particleboard or MDF and the materials with a shiny finish. Matt finish models will be ideal for traditional houses.

Double-check all the dimensions before finalizing the model. And don’t forget to know the clearance space necessary for keeping it. Ask whether you have to pay additional delivery charges to the manufacturers. Always allow the professionals to install such wardrobes in your room.


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