4 Easy Ways To Check Laptop Battery Health

4 Easy Ways To Check Laptop Battery Health

Over time, the laptops that we use will experience a decrease in performance. One of the components of a laptop most often and quickly affected by high-intensity use is the battery. Every laptop battery and other device batteries generally have a certain amount of charge that will lose power from time to time so that their performance is no longer efficient. For that, you need to check the health condition of the battery seen from the number of cycles used.
Checking the health of a laptop battery is an important action to take so you can know when it is the right time to replace the battery. Batteries that have been damaged, of course, can not be used again.
You can check the health of the laptop battery using the default or third-party software. To make it easier for you to do this, below, we will describe several ways. You can use the applications and systems that are already available on the laptop. Here are the ways you can do it.

Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Many still don’t know that we can use Command Prompt (CMD) to check the health of laptop batteries. Command Prompt (CMD) ‘s advantage is that you don’t need to install additional applications to reduce storage space.
Basically, the Command Prompt is already available on almost all versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The way to check the health of a laptop battery using the Command Prompt is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Start button, then click Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. In the latest versions of Windows 10, search for CMD in the Start Menu, then right-click CMD and click Run As Administrator.
  3. When the command powercfg/energy.
  4. Wait 60 seconds to get the battery energy report.
  5. To access the energy report, press Windows + R and type the location: C:Windowssystem32energy-report.html
  6. Click Ok, and the file will open in the browser.
  7. Check at the bottom in the Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity Columns.

The difference between the two should not be too much. It is recommended that the maximum battery capacity is 50%. If the comparison of the two is too far, it is recommended that you replace the laptop battery.
The battery information column of each laptop may appear differently depending on the type of Windows. But for the information, it displays more or less the same.

Using BatteryInfoView

The next way is to use a battery health check application. One that you can use is the BatteryInfoView application. The advantage of this application is that it looks simple, but its functions are effective and easy to use by anyone.
You can get this application for free. The size of this application is small and light when running, so it will not make the laptop lag. Here are the steps to use it:

  1. Download the BatteryInfoView apps.
  2. The downloaded file format will be .zip. You have to extract it first, then install it.
  3. After that, open the application. There you will find various laptop battery information, such as the name of the battery, the level of battery usage to find out the health of the battery, and the serial number.
  4. Next, you will see a menu that provides a complete record of battery usage in the application. How to use it, namely, on the application’s main menu, press the F8 key to access the log page and F7 to return from the log page.
  5. The login page can help. For example, when the battery suddenly drops or is damaged, it will be seen later, and we can also immediately determine the steps to overcome it.

Using BatteryBar

BatteryBar is an application to check the laptop battery, which is calculated accurately. This application will display statistics that show the condition of the battery. This application is available in two versions: the free version of the application and the paid version.
The difference between the two is, of course, seen from the information displayed. But if you want to use the app to check battery health, the free version is enough. How to use it is as follows:
Download the app from the official BatteryBar Pro website.
Install the application. It is recommended to save this application data on the system drive (C).
In the taskbar, information related to the laptop battery will appear. The information displayed includes the amount of battery remaining, the total capacity of the battery, and other information.
Noteworthy from the information displayed from this application is in the Battery Wear column. If the battery percentage shows a 50% decrease in capacity, that’s a sign that the laptop battery must be replaced, especially if the laptop has shown signs of damage, such as suddenly dying.

Using BatteryCare

Another application that is no less good than a battery health check application is BatteryCare. One of the information that you can get from this application is BatteryCycle. Here’s how to use this app:

  1. First of all, download the app from the official BatteryCare websites.
  2. Open the app.
  3. You will see two main menu displays, namely basic information and detailed information.
  4. Do an in-depth laptop battery check on the application.

The differences between the two main menus provided by the BatteryCare application are as follows:

  • Basic Information: Displays basic information such as battery status, estimated remaining battery life, and battery status, as well as important battery-related information.
  • Detailed Information: Displays information on the battery model, total power capacity, wear level of the battery, and designed capacity.

Thus information on how to check the health of a laptop battery. If the battery is already showing signs of damage or a significant drop in cycles, take immediate corrective action to prevent the damage from getting worse. Choose the best way to check laptop battery health, provide accurate results, and be compatible with your device.
You need to know that actually, a decrease in battery power is something normal. Because this is the nature of lithium batteries which will degrade over time. So, if the battery is damaged, it is better to replace it immediately. Would you please not force it to use?


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