Wooden Pallet Furniture


Do-it-yourself furniture from wooden pallets is the latest fashion in the world. Tables, beds, sofas, and even furniture – are made in a short period of time, using your imagination, you will give inconspicuous pieces of wood a second life and new functionality.

Do you want to freshen up the exterior of your apartment? Dreaming of replacing furniture? The budget is limited, but are you a creative person, with a few ideas and free time, full of energy and patience? Then get your hands on wooden pallets and create designer furniture with them, even suitable for a traditional interior or garden. We will show you where to buy pallets, how to choose and what to do with them.

What Do You Need To Know About Wooden Pallets?

Pallets are used by conventional palletizer for loading small-sized cargo. These are wooden boards, knocked together in such a way that they form a platform on which goods are transported or moved with them. Pallets are suitable for all types of forklift trucks, which is why they have rapidly conquered the global industry. Pallets of 1000×1200 mm and 800×1000 millimeters are used more often. Pallets of standard sizes are made from raw pine or spruce wood, maybe not of the highest quality, but strong.

There are less typical sizes, 1135 × 1133 mm or 800x 600 mm, but these pallets are made of inferior quality wood. The pallets weigh 25-30 kilograms. One pallet will successfully withstand a load of up to 1000 kilograms, so there is no risk that a bed or a coffee table made of this material will suddenly burst or burst. It is worth noting that the pallets are heat treated and chemically impregnated, which prevents the development of fungi, mold and bacteria.
What is important, the pallets from which we will make furniture do not have to be new. They are used on construction sites, in wholesale stores or in transport companies, so you can try asking for a couple for a nice smile. However, there will be no problem buying pallets, new or used. Advertisements for the sale of pallets are printed in newspapers and on the Internet. It is not difficult to find companies that specialize only in the purchase and sale of wooden pallets. The price per piece ranges from 200-800 rubles, depending on what size and state of wear.

How To Prepare Pallets

If you have not bought new pallets, but purchased used ones, then prepare the pallets for further processing. The first step is to dry the pallets, necessarily if they were previously in a dark and damp warehouse. It is better to keep the pallets in a sunny place for a couple of days. Then sand the surface of the pallet – with a grinder or by hand using sandpaper. Thanks to this, we will remove irregularities and splinters from them, and the surface of the tree will become smooth and safe. We prime the pallet with a stain or varnish – this will protect the wood and make your furniture durable.
The next step is to supply the necessary tools. Hammer, nails, taking into account the thickness of the pallet. It is necessary to decide on the painting – choose the color and type of paint (transparent or completely covering), and get the necessary accessories for painting. Remember that it is difficult to paint nooks and crannies with a brush, so it is worth considering purchasing a special paint gun. A spray gun costs 2,000 rubles, it will come in handy more than once, for painting walls or furniture.

When you have collected the necessary tools, all that remains is to get started. From wooden pallets, you can easily build almost any piece of furniture. To make a bed in the bedroom yourself, knock down two or three pallets (to the desired height), add a headboard, purchase a suitable mattress, pillows and you’re done! Not much work will require making a sofa – screwing the wheels to make the furniture easier to move, nailing the backrest, sometimes the sides, and choosing a mattress for it in the chosen color.
Using pallets doesn’t end with creating furniture for your home. You can easily create a cute set of garden furniture: table, benches or chairs. In this case, the work may be even less, because the furniture in the color of natural wood looks better in the garden, so the pallet does not even need to be painted.
Self-production of original furniture from wooden pallets is not difficult – a good idea and a little desire are enough for this. Thus, for a small investment, you can change your apartment, and even – if it gives us a lot of pleasure – turn it into a way to make money and put up handmade furniture at online auctions.


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