Top Tools To Create Amazing Videos With Free Music

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Displaying your products from all angles in a video is now possible, with the help of good music video editing software tools. They allow you to produce professional promos for different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or similar. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and easy-to-use music video editing tools through which you can stand out in a very competitive market.

Do you want to find a perfect music video editing software to make a hit video? You have to consider certain features that make a music video editor your perfect choice. Here are four of the features that good music video editing software should have.

1. Advanced Music Video Editing Features:

Good software of this kind should have advanced features such as real-time effects, real-time preview, versatile transitions, unlimited layers, high-precision video trimming, audio mixing, audio replacing, and the like.

2. Friendly user interface:

Presenting a friendly interface that allows for ease of use and is easily understandable is a must in all good music video editing software.

3. Compatibility with multiple devices:

Compatibility with more than one device is one of the most common characteristics for a music video editing software tool to be the number one choice of the user or customer.

4. Good speed:

Last but not least, a good music video editing software tool should work quickly, lag-free, and smoothly.

Apart from that, a music video editing software needs to be updated frequently, so that the creators of the videos always make an updated and improved editing.


Top 5 Tools:

1. Apple Final Cut Pro X: the Latest Music Video Editing Software

It is one of the most up-to-date music video editors that can help you edit your videos like a pro. It comes with a clean interface and has a lot more to offer you. For example, installing third-party plugins is made incredibly easy with this state-of-the-art music video editing tool. In addition, this tool allows you to add more animations to your videos.

What is even better? You don’t need to save your work with this advanced editing tool. You can always revert to the previous version of your project (when necessary) to make edits whenever you want.


Magnetic timeline, no clues.

Supports HDR and 360-degree footage.

Superior organization tools, eg automatic face analysis, libraries, tagging, ratings, scenes.

Multi-camera support.

Fast performance.

Supports MacBook Touch Bar and iPad Sidecar.


No motion tracking or stabilization for 360-degree video.

Search option missing from import dialog.

Compatibility : Mac

Price : You can start with a free 30-day trial. To get it for life, a one-time payment of $ 299 is required.


2. Lightworks: facilitates the exchange of projects in real time

This is a really powerful free music video editing tool that features professional quality video creation tools to create stunning video clips. A fast and flexible music video editing tool that is incredibly easy to use once you get used to its unusual workflow. The most interesting thing is that this non-linear editor is equipped with high-end functions that are normally only available in expensive programs. For example, it allows you to preview the effects of music videos in real time, as well as import and render the sequences in the background.

With the help of its advanced real-time effects, you can make color correction, masking and blurring.


Free for home use.

Latest generation tools.

Effects in real time.


An interface that can seem intimidating.

It only allows to export in MPEG format.

Compatibility : Mac, Linux and Windows

Price : you can start with its free version on compatible devices. In case you want to take advantage of its more advanced features, the monthly cost of Lightworks Pro is $ 24.99. For an annual investment, it costs $ 174.99 per year.


3. InShot: all-inclusive music video editing tool for adjusting images, editing music video, and making photo collages

This comprehensive music video editing tool is equipped with animated fonts, filters, and stickers. You just have to browse the store and download the ones you like (many of them are free). Having a subscription will give you access to all the extra features, remove watermarks and ads.

Top Free Music Video Editing Tools to Create Amazing Videos with Free Music


Polished interface.

Easy to use.

Subscription model to be able to make use of all the effects and filters.

Equipped with various tools.


The free version adds a watermark to the exported videos.

Unable to zoom and pan on an image.

Unusual export process.

Cannot save work in Collage and Photo modes.

Compatibility : iOS and Android devices

Pricing: This application is available for free. However, for a version without watermarks and without add-ons, the monthly payment is $ 3.99 per month, while the annual cost is $ 14.99. For a one-time purchase, it costs $ 34.99.


4. Adobe Premiere : Standard Music Video Editing Tool

The latest version of this application allows access to royalty-free music with the help of a built-in Essential Sound panel. You can also take advantage of another amazing feature, “Lumetri Color,” which is a great cinematic color-styling and grading tool that has multiple visual displays for precise mounting.

This application is easy to use, you can organize the application window through a series of tabs at the top of the window, known as workspaces. You can perform different tasks in each workspace.

And even more… You can simply choose from a host of predesigned graphics and title templates in the Essential Graphics panel below the Graphics workspace. Also, you can edit them according to your music video.


Adobe’s creative cloud integration makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate.

A wide variety of tools for tuning, editing and making music videos.

Availability of great external resources that work with Premiere Pro.

A fairly easy and elaborate tool.


Relatively slow music video rendering on a standard computer.


Many features can be overwhelming.

Compatibility : Windows and Mac

Price : The monthly subscription fee for this professional quality music video editing software is $ 20.99.


5. OpenShot: Award-Winning Free Music Video Editing Software Tool for Beginners

Having a fairly basic interface, this application is a perfect choice for beginners. Allows you to switch between Simple and Advanced views. However, it all depends on the amount of information you need to see on the screen at any given time. In addition, the interface is customizable to meet your music video editing needs.

A promising option for small businesses, OpenShot is best for trimming, adjusting, resizing, scaling, and rotating music video clips. In addition, it offers frame step, audio editing, credit scrolling, time allocation, as well as real-time preview.

The most impressive thing is that this application allows you to import various file formats of still photos, audio files and multiple types of video codecs, for example 4K.

Pros :

Multi platform.

Improved and updated regularly.

An attractive interface.

Drag and drop function to easily add image, video or audio files.

Unlimited layers for background audio tracks, watermarks, and videos.

Cons :

It works slowly after applying effects.

A convoluted way of working.

It has no advanced features.


Compatibility : Mac and Windows

Price : This application is available for free.


Tips for adding music to videos

For your video to be a great success, you have to know how to add music to it perfectly. These five tips will help you fulfill this purpose in the best way.

Decide where the music will be used :

The first thing to do is decide whether you want the music for the background or the foreground of the video. And then move on.

Choose the perfect music:

At this juncture, you must choose the tone of the music that will be played in your video, for example, happy, emotional, rock, etc. According to the theme of the video.

Choose music that encourages information sharing:

The role of music in a video is to encourage the sharing of information from the video content. Therefore, choose carefully.

Be aware of the volume :

Music that is too soft or too loud can be distracting, so make sure your video has the exact volume of music you want.

Consider the Creative Common License :

Downloading music from a legal site that has a Creative Common License will help you get the music rights for your video.


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