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Enterprises across various industries were disrupted when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Government agencies were forced to implement necessary safety measures to prevent the virus from spreading, prompting numerous entities to slow down or suspend their usual activities.

This health crisis has brought unprecedented challenges in health, security, and economic impact, creating a ripple effect that will last even in the post-pandemic era.

Unfortunately, there are establishments experiencing the adverse effects of the pandemic more profoundly than others. Some were already thinking that their businesses might not endure the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Still, many choose to stay optimistic despite the situation, maximizing how they can stay afloat in the industry during these trying times.

According to The State of Local SEO: Industry Report 2020 from Moz, about 71% of their respondents expressed that the pandemic greatly influenced the adoption of new approaches for bringing products and services to consumers.

Several companies have embraced digital transformation in their operations in the pre-pandemic age, but with the changing needs of modern consumers, they must leverage the power of the internet to improve their operational capacity significantly.

As of October 2020, the global population of active internet users has reached 4.66 billion, with 91% using mobile internet. In the US, the number of internet users is already at 284 million, making the country one of the world’s largest online markets.

More people resort to online means of making purchases and transactions, and enterprises must adapt to this behavioral shift. Consumers rely more and more on search engines like Google or Bing to look for a specific item they want to purchase. All they need to do is enter their search query on these internet sites, and once the results appear, they can easily choose the business website they think has the best offer.

With modern consumers increasing reliance on the internet, optimistic entrepreneurs want to improve their brand presence online to expand their customer base and grow their company. However, the fear of the unknown might affect skeptical business owners and influence them to reduce their marketing campaigns or suspend them indefinitely despite having the necessary resources to continue.

Companies who have the means to amplify their marketing efforts but chose not to will most likely lag behind the competition and find it difficult to keep up. On the other hand, when businesses boost their marketing efforts amid the pandemic, they can better position themselves ahead of competitors once the global health crisis is over and the economy has recovered.

If optimistic business owners want to make the most of their digital marketing investment, they can implement search engine optimization (SEO) for their online operations. SEO is a type of inbound marketing technique that takes advantage of when people are already interested in a business’s products or services. It works by making the website more attractive for search engines to appear in more prominent places on search engine results pages (SERPs).

A website that is easily found on search engines can help generate more leads and increase conversion. When business owners want to harness the benefits of SEO, they should be consulting internet marketing SEO services from reputable digital marketing agencies. These well-experienced online marketers will help entrepreneurs create a robust campaign to achieve their overall business objectives.

Working with a trusted SEO firm gives entrepreneurs a competitive edge over other industry players. These online marketing companies are equipped with the expertise and useful tools for running an effective digital campaign. They will use tried and tested SEO online marketing techniques to boost their client’s internet visibility and ensure that the business’s website is up to date to meet consumer demand.

With the proliferation of digital technology, people expect businesses to satisfy their need for convenience and efficiency. Patrons are more attracted to brands with an optimized website that is equipped with useful eCommerce features.

If companies are already using SEO, they must not be complacent of their current ranking and should strive to maintain it or improve it to place higher on SERPs. Retaining a strong online presence is beneficial in the age of COVID-19 and even beyond.

For more information on why optimistic businesses should implement SEO, Landau Consulting provides the following infographic.

Optimistic Companies Should Be Doing SEO Infographic

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