Mullayanagiri Camping


Location: Located in the beautiful state of Karnataka, this camping experience is in the beautiful place in Karnataka called Chikmagalur. This place has majestic mountains in this state located in the Western Ghats. 

About this place: This place is named after Mullappa Swami Temple at the summit, this place is regarded as one of the best trekking spots in the state of Karnataka and is also a known tourist place here in Chikmagalur. 

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka and is 6330 feet above sea level in the Chikamagalur region. This is a trek and one has to trek on the jungle trails and this place encourages unity and encourages interactions during the course of the trek. One can enjoy the majestic view of the great waterfalls located in this region. One can view some mesmerizing view when one reaches the top of the peak. 

It is a 3 KMs trek from Sardarpura and this trek takes you to the top. A food facility is also available if one has signed up for the package along with the accommodation of tents or dormitories and transportation during the course of the trip. 

Perks: One can enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing sunset and sunrise in this place as one can view the sun rising from the mountains which is a very serene experience and so is the sun when setting down. 

One can enjoy the beautiful experience of stargazing which one might not enjoy in the noise of the city and enjoy the bonfire session here with their friends and family. One can enjoy the beautiful landscapes all around and one gets to enjoy the thrill of staying in a tent accommodation. One can enjoy the campfire experience with the music or some tales you have for other of your friends and family experience to make your trip more memorable. 

things to follow and carry: One should follow the norms and the guideline provided by the state government of Karnataka. There are also meals provided if one has booked via an agency for this trekking experience. Both breakfast and lunch are served.

If one is bringing any other devices like mobile phones, laptop, cameras, batteries, etc they are responsible for their own items and they cannot blame it on the agencies they have signed up with. 

The camp does not initiate or promote any water based activities so if one is doing it, it is completely on the risk of their own and no one is responsible for it. 

It is advisable to carry your own personalised trek as it is a rigorous journey and one might want to keep their energy levels as high as possible for this trip.

One should also carry a raincoat along with themselves just in any unspecific weather condition. 

One can have fun while trekking and capture beautiful moments in their camera of the scenic beauty it holds and also of the highest peak of Karnataka. 

One needs to have some good sports shoes so as to move on with the trekking. Bring an extra pair of clothes just in any case of an emergency and also socks if one feels the necessity. One should carry their own water bottle and some glucon-D energizers so as to keep themselves energized throughout the journey. One is advised to wear comfortable clothing while trekking and also carry their identity proof with them.

One should carry a torch with an extra pair of batteries with them and also the toiletries. 

Some basic stuff like caps, goggles, sunscreen, moisturizer, mosquito repellent, slippers, etc should not be forgotten, 

One should not carry a heavy backpack with themselves and also not carry their valuables during the trek as they themselves will be responsible for their lost materials. One is asked to avoid perfume and also pay attention to the guides and instructors.

Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited inMullayanagiri trek. One should carry their own sleeping bags and also make sure that they protect and are held responsible for their own personal items. 

One should also carry with themselves a haversack and should put inside all the things that need to be carried. One should carry their own personal towel, napkin and some extra pair of clothes.

One should carry their personal toiletries kit and also medical kit in terms of an emergency or if someone needs some personal medication. One can also carry Bluetooth speakers with themselves so as to enjoy this camping experience with some music as it will add a vibe to this whole memorable journey.

One should carry their own personal ID proof card (adhaar card, PAN card, etc) with them in case of any checking or just for security purposes on the trail of this camping experience. 


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