Itinerary Among The Best Attractions In New Mexico

Best Attractions in New Mexico

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment, but many will still question what is there to witness in New Mexico. Let’s find out and understand if it truly deserves to be called the land of Enchantment. So hop on your flight, and let’s explore New Mexico. You may make your flight reservations using options to grab the best deals and discounts. 

Shiprock Rock Formation

In Jargon, it’s known as a Monadnock, which is a reef or a small mountain that is seen standing in the middle of a plain area. On this occasion, it reaches a height of around 2,000 meters and is located about 17 kilometers from the homonymous town in New Mexico. Since the beginning it was found in the middle of the Anasazi territory and was observed on a mountain with magical effects. Its current name derives from its resemblance to a type of ship of the ninth century. 

White Sands National Monument

Like No Place Else on Earth: or “Like no other place on Earth.” That’s what the header on the official National Park Service website says. Indeed, if you think of a desert, the first image that comes to mind will probably be that of an expanse of golden dunes. Here, instead, the dunes are entirely white. Does that seem strange enough to you? Well, I haven’t told you yet that the park is closed from time to time for security reasons due to the missile tests being carried out in the White Sands Missile Range area. A further notable fact concerning the missile area is that in the so-called Trinity Site(about 60 miles north of White Sands National Monument) on July 16, 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated.


We are not talking about a real natural attraction, but about a mall town that offers amazing views to every traveler. The areas around Abiquiu also benefit from being quite popular among travelers, thus making you experience a more authentic and unspoiled experience of the American West. They are also places that, over time, have interested Hollywood film producers who have selected them as the set for various Hollywood movies.

Bisti / De-Na-Zin Wilderness

If you are familiar with the western side of America and the United States in general, you should always be prepared for the natural calamities you may face. In this manner, we suggest a stretch of rock formations, pinnacles, and canyons with the weirdest and most unforeseeable shapes that, amalgamated with the specific colors of the rocks, give the area a mysterious and fascinating, almost an aura of an alien.

Bandelier National Monument

Add to the splendid natural setting that will surround you with the fact of being able to touch the ancient houses sculpted into the rock by the natives in the area, and you will have a vague idea of ​​what awaits you by visiting the Bandelier National Monument.

The paths that you can tackle are many, and those that will allow you to have a relatively complete idea of ​​everything found in this park branch out along the Frijoles Canyon. If you do not have much time available, you can opt for the more straightforward and faster Main Loop Trail and, halfway, take the deviation to the Alcove House, which will make you enter one of the largest rooms carved into the rock. 

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