Ideal Ways To Prepare Your Eatables for Next Move

Prepare Your Eatables

Relocations are always problematic and when it comes to moving food to your new home, the situation becomes a lot tougher. There are several variants of food and for every food type; there are specific moving instructions that should be kept in mind. Moreover, the struggle intensifies when you realize that not every moving company approves of transporting your food items, so you should think twice before you hire one for your Delhi to Noida move.

Where and how to find your movers?

If you give yourself time and research well about the leading packers and movers in Noida, you will come across companies that would do the job for you, as per your specific needs. Generally, the moving companies avoid transporting perishable foods that include anything which is in frozen or in refrigerated mode. Few companies agree to move food if they are canned. So, you should discuss everything with the moving team beforehand, so that you can begin preparing your pantry section for the move.

Pro Tip

Another thing to take care of is that if you are moving without the assistance of the professional movers, you can definitely take all types of food items along but makes sure that the move is a shorter one. A packing tip you can follow to carry your perishable food items is using the ice bags and ice chest. But, since perishable items have a short shelf life, it is essential to decide which items you genuinely want to carry with you. Perishable items tend to spoil quickly, so think twice before you come to a decision.

What you can do?

A heavy consignment of your food package would obviously end up becoming costly. So, check each of your food items to see which ones you can easily manage to move. Consider giving away or donating the stock of non-perishable items to a nearby food mall or food center. You can also connect with the social organizations in your town to donate your items.

About the essential supplies, you will need to pack your eatables

Food moving is a complex process and therefore, it requires sufficient packing materials to be managed conveniently. Below are the key packing items you shall need to prepare your eatables for your next move:

• Packing paper

• Packing tape

• Plastic wraps

• Bubble wraps

• Packing peanuts

• Cardboard boxes

• Ice chest bags

• Froze gel packs

• Large, small, and medium-size moving boxes

• Zip-top bags

• Permanent markers

Now let’s get into the process of packing your eatable for the move:

Start with preparing your open bags/containers

The first step to prepare your food items for the move is to focus on the open containers in your kitchen space. For all the open food bags you have for flour, rice, sugar, pulses, and cereals, you should look for proper sealed bags and containers. If you are carrying them in their original bags, you should tightly fold them from the top, and seal them properly with safety tapes. Later on, place each of the heavy bags in the cardboard boxes for added protection and ask your professional team to place them safely into the moving truck.

Note: You can explore several other options to pack and move your food items like plastic storage bags, cardboard boxes, zip lock bags, plastic bins and make sure you have enough of these packing supplies in case you have the need to use them during the transit.

Evaluate all your food items

Before packing your food items, it is essential to evaluate the goods at your end and the subsequent costs they will lead up to. If you own heavy bottles and other canned goods that could make your consignment heavy and multiply your moving expenses, it is advised that you let them remain in their place. There is no point in carrying something that you could easily survive without in your new home.

Discard expired and unnecessary items

Once you have a clear idea of the items that you actually want to move, begin with purging away the items that you no longer need in the new home. Check expiry dates of each of your food items in the kitchen cupboards and pantry and throw away anything close to its expiry date, no longer needed, or on the verge of spoiling.

Seal your packages and label them

When each of your moving boxes is sealed properly and is ready to be loaded onto the moving truck, you should not forget to label them with the name and the contents. Mention the destination room and the moving instruction if any like ‘handle with care’, ‘this way up’ or ‘fragile’. This would ease out your re-arrangement task later on.

Approach the proficient movers

Although there are several restrictions to consider when you are moving food, it is important to clarify everything with the movers when you are shortlisting a few for your moving assignment. Enquire them about the types of food they move and are there any transportation terms and provisions that are to be followed. Having the rights of food permit is important while you send your food items to the moving professionals. Besides, do not forget to review the terms and conditions of the movers before you finalize a deal with them.


When you are preparing for a household move, the most crucial section of your home tends to be the kitchen that stores all your food items. Since all of your food variants require special handling and instructions to be carried and moved safely, you can do some groundwork beforehand to make your food packing and moving an easy job! Plus, if you can appoint the professional movers and packers in Noida, tackling your complicated food moving process shall not be problematic, at all!


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