How To Set Up Your Orbi Wifi Setup To Work With Fios Internet Connection?

Orbi Wifi Setup

In this guide, you’ll know how you can install your Orbi Wifi setup on Fios internet. Along with this, you will learn how to turn the Fios network off and troubleshoot the connectivity issues with your router. So, let’s start with the installation first-

Requirements– To begin with, the setting up process, you need-

  • Verizon Fios router.
  • Fios internet connection. 
  • An ethernet cable.
  • An Orbi router.
  • A device. 

Orbi Wifi Setup Installation:

You can follow these simple instructions to set up your Orbi router successfully-

  • First of all, power on the Verizon Fios router. After that, wait for some time for the Router Status LED to turn solid white.
  • Now, power on the Orbi Wifi Setup. After that, wait for the Power LED to become solid green. 
  • Next, connect the Verizon and Orbi router using an ethernet cable. To do so:
  • Pick one end of the ethernet cable and insert it into the Verizon router’s ethernet port. 
  • Now, pick another end of the ethernet cable and connect it to the Orbi router’s LAN port. 
  • Open any of your devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or desktop and connect it to the Orbi router’s network. To do so:
  • You can use an ethernet connection. 
  • Or go to the Wifi manager of your device, then select the Orbi router network and connect to it.                                     
  • After connecting your device, launch a web browser on your device and then go to
  • Use your Netgear username and password to log in to your admin account. The default username is admin, and the default password is password.
  • Your account’s Basic home page displays.  
  • Now, select the ADVANCED option then the Advanced Setup option. 
  • Next, click on the Router/AP Mode option to form the Router/AP Mode Page. 
  • Tick mark the AP Mode box. 
  • Now, you must select the IP settings. You can choose one of these three settings according to your preference- 
  • Get dynamically from existing router– In this case, you don’t need to enter the IP address on your Orbi router manually. Instead, the Verizon router will assign the IP address to your Orbi router dynamically in AP mode. 
  • Enable fixed IP settings on this device– You can assign the manual IP on your Orbi router in AP mode with this option. But, we do not recommend this because it can result in duplicate IP addresses and other related issues.
  • Lastly, click on Apply to finalize the settings. Following this router disconnects itself. After that, reconnect your device to the Orbi router’s network through

Note– You can avoid interference with other router gateways in your network by using different Wifi settings on both Verizon and Orbi routers. For example, you can turn off the Wifi radio on your Verizon Fios router so that you can only use the Orbi router for Wifi client access. But if you don’t know how to turn off the Wifi on the Verizon router, you can follow the next section in this guide.

Turning of the Verizon Fios Wireless Network:  

Follow these given instructions- 

  • Firstly, connect your device to the Verizon Fios router’s network. 
  • Secondly, launch a web browser on your device and type to go to the login window. 
  • Here, a login window displays. 
  • Enter your Verizon username and password to log in to your account. 
  • The main page displays here. 
  • Now, go to the Wireless Settings option. 
  • Next, go to the Basic Security Settings option. 
  • Choose the Turn Wireless settings Off
  • Lastly, click on the Apply button.

Now you’ve learned how to set up the Orbi router with Fios and how you can turn off the wireless network technology on the Verizon router. 

So, now, we are going to talk about troubleshooting the connectivity issues. Sometimes you can face connectivity issues with your router, so you must know how to fix them. 

Fixing the connectivity issues with the Orbi router:

You can follow these tips and tricks if you encounter connectivity issues-

  • Disconnect your Orbi router and then connect it to the Verizon router again. 
  • Also, you can try rebooting your Verizon router. 
  • Check the ethernet connection between the Verizon and Orbi routers. 
  • Reboot the Orbi router.
  • If you have issues logging into your router, close your browser and then relaunch it. 
  • Use the Orbi app to avoid login issues. 
  • You can also use the Netgear Orbi app to install the Orbi router. 
  • Renew the IP address to resolve the connection failure. 

These are some tips that can help you to fix the login issues. However, if these don’t work for you, consider visiting the Orbi router customer support. Visit to find the solutions. Netgear provides excellent support for its customers. You can contact them 24×7 with any of your Orbi router-related queries.

Lastly, let’s know about the Orbi router reset. Knowing about router reset is essential because it can prevent hacking attacks and resolve connection issues and login issues. Also, if you lost your configuration details or login details, you can reset the router to bring it back to its default settings. 

Resetting your router:

Follow the mentioned steps to reset your router. 

  • First, look for the reset button. You can find the reset button on one of the side panels of your router. 
  • Now, use a sim injector or any object like it to hold the reset button. 
  • Hold the Orbi router’s reset button for about 20 seconds and then release it. 
  • Now, the power LED starts blinking, and the router restarts itself. 


 Lastly, we just hope this guide was helpful for you. After reading this guide, you can now set up your router, turn off the wifi on your Verizon router, fix the connection issues, and reset the router. 


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