How To Get Rid of Ants from a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial Kitchen

Ants are known as social insects and they belong to the category of Arthropods which means they have jointed legs. They move in the form of colonies and are well known for their discipline. Normally, there is a visible and clear reason for the invasion of ants.

The community of ants has a higher sense of smell so they can follow the odor of a tiny particle of food even to get their selves enough food. There could be multiple reasons for the existence and invasions of the ants. Normally, their invasions have been seen in late springs and the start of the summers. Their stings are not poisonous yet some of their species sometimes cause itching, swelling, and redness.

However, this is not something to worry about. These sensations are for a time being. In the early springs, the queen bees start the search for their mates to establish a family. The kitchen is the most affected place. In most cases, the kitchens are attacked by ants. And it is extremely important to get rid of them. Many people prefer hiring ant control Langley BC services. Some opt for other methods. However, first of all, we have to know the reason behind their invasion. Do we have to know that what caused attraction to them? Or which is the thing they are lying on?

Before going through the ways and remedies to get rid of the ants from the kitchen, we have to know the reasons and possibilities of their invasions.

Reasons for invasions:

Following are the possibilities for the invasions of ants:


A larger population of ants has been observed in late spring and early summers. The female ants and queen ants look for male mates for their stability in the community. This entire procedure is known as nuptial flight. The ants have their higher and large formation of communities by the start of the summer season.

Sugary and starch-containing food:

Due to the efficient smelling sense of ants, they are highly capable of detecting the sugary and starch-containing food by following their smell. These foods are a great source of their sudden invasions. Moreover, if the lid of any food-containing jar is not properly closed, the insects will invade the food inside.

Dirty kitchen slabs and uncleaned floor:

If the kitchen counters, top overs, and floor of the kitchen are not cleaned properly or are left with even a tiny residual of food, this will become a strong reason for the invasion of ants.

Ways to Get Rid of Ants from Commercial Kitchens:

Following are some ways that can help to get rid of ants in the commercial kitchen:

Ant dust:

The name suggests that this chemical is available in powder form and works by sprinkling some amount directly on the ants at their point of contact. This type of chemical is not only used in commercial kitchens but also domestic kitchens as well.

Ant repellents:

As its name suggests that these are the sprays that are used to kill the insects at their point of contact. They have a bitter odor which tells everyone to keep themselves away from that area of sprayed chemical. This is an excellent way of treating the ants as after spraying it gives a peace of some weeks till the next spray session.


Vinegar has proved to be very useful against ants. What you have to do is to spray vinegar at suspected areas. Spray vinegar multiple times a day for a week at least.

Cucumber peel and lemon juice:

Ants cannot sustain some fumes coming from certain fruits and vegetables. Cucumber peel and lemon juice have this type of fumes that these ants cannot sustain. Put the cucumber peels and lemon juice in suspected areas this will get you rid of the ants.

Hire experts:

If nothing else works or you want a quick solution, hiring ant control experts is going to be your ultimate choice. There are many pest control companies that offer services in Langley BC. Make sure to choose the best out of the lot. Know about their specialization and service areas before getting their services. Also, it’s important to know what tools and methods they use to exterminate ants from a commercial kitchen.

All the above-mentioned ways are best for getting rid of the ants. Another most important thing to keep under consideration is to regularly clean the kitchen and check its clarity.