How Does ‘What Will People Say’ Impact Our Mental Health?

Impact Our Mental Health?

Most people aren’t even aware of how they can impact the other person with just one sentence. The words you say can act as both a sword pinching through others hearts or can help in soothing someone going through a trauma. Because of this reason, it’s always advised to choose your words wisely because you’re never aware of how much damage your casual sentence can do to the other person.

Different researches in psychiatry have shown how much influence we all have in each other’s lives. The constant haranguing and questions we ask others directly impact other person’s life. 

Having said this, today, we’re going to throw light on some of the most common social stigmas and discrimination associated with mental illness. We’re also going to discuss some of the main reasons why people refrain from talking about their mental health issues.

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What is Stigma & How Does it Affect Your Life?

Stigma is when people treat you in a negative way because of some particular characteristic, attribute or disease. There can be various forms of stigma such as discrimination due to skin colour, disability, cultural background and even mental illness. When someone treats you differently because of something you’re going through, that’s discrimination.

However, when a person defines you by the issue, you’re going through rather than your personality, that’s stigma. The social stigma associated with mental health issues makes the lives of people suffering from them really difficult. 

Consequently, to escape being labeled as “psychotic”, most people avoid getting themselves diagnosed and seek medical help.

The Negative Impact of Stigma

The stigma is really detrimental for one’s well being. Some of the ways in which stigmas can affect a person are:

  • It creates feelings of shamelessness, isolation and the patient feels hopeless.
  • The patient becomes reluctant to reach out for help
  • They believe their family and friends don’t understand them.
  • Don’t get many opportunities to work or interact.
  • Become a victim of bullying, harassment or physical violence.
  • Suffer from self-doubt.

These are just a few of the issues that victims of stigma suffer from, but according to experts of psychiatry in Dubai, this isn’t something to be taken lightly. Because if not dealt with in time, it can lead patients to take drastic measures even commit suicide.

Tips to Deal with Stigma

We are well aware that dealing with stigma isn’t easy, but here are some ways that help you in this regard.

Seek Out Mental Treatment

The best way to overcome the problem of stigma is to see a patent therapist. Seeking mental health might not be your priority at first, but you should put it there because it’s the most patent way of overcoming your fears. Do not let the fear of being labelled stop you from undergoing treatment.

When one’s sick, you have to remember that they see a doctor. So, just like body issues; mental issues also need treatment. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to see a therapist because it’s your right to overcome your fears and issues. See the best psychologist in Dubai at your earliest and get treated.

Interact with Others

Talking with other people going through the same phase can greatly help you out in tackling the issues you might be facing. Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to and discuss what we are feeling out loud. However, people suffering from mental issues generally believe that their family members and friends don’t relate to them. Therefore, it’s hard for them to open up to them. 

Having said that, there are support groups that you can join. These groups consist of people who are going through a similar phase as you. 

Do not Believe What Others Say

Remember that you know who you truly are. Don’t fall for what others say about you. You know your own struggles and difficulties and when others don’t know what you have gone through or are going through, who are they to judge you? Therefore, do not let other people’s opinions affect you or influence you.

To sum it all up, mental health issues and the stigmas associated with them shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you feel disturbed, depressed or stressed for a prolonged period, seek out therapy. It will greatly help you.