Find Top 6 Ways to Get Rid Of Ice Dams On The Roof

Get Rid Of Ice Dams

The worse thing about the icicles is that they look very appealing from long distances. But they can cause enormous trouble to the homeowners. The reason is quite simple that the same effect is of the icicles that are of the snowing weather conditions that cover up your roof with their high density. The snowing weather conditions can also lead to the accumulation of ice dams on your roofing.

Ice dams are the solid ridges that get thick and make deterioration to the components of your roof. These make ripping to the gutters. These also get the shingles to loosen. They can get the water stored which later pour inside your home. When the water enters into the home then there are dire consequences faced. These may be such as peeling of the paint, mold growth, and ceiling issues.

Moreover, wet insulation can cause your attic to develop mildew. If you are entangled in any such condition then getting rid of these ice dams is your prime concern. This article explains the ways using which you can get rid of these ice dams as this intricate-looking snow can make potential damages to your roof. You shall know the ways to get rid of this before it initiates any damages.

1. Blow in the Cold Air:

You cannot use the hard hammers on the ice dam as it is not suitable for you and can even incur damages to your roof. You can bring a box fan to the attic and place it towards the internal side where the water is leaking. This settled dose of the cold air can freeze water and the leaking can be stopped within minutes.

2. Utilize Rake:

Other than taking any risks and reaching that place you shall stand on the grounds and use an aluminum roof rake that can slightly reduce the exterior temperature without making any harm to the shingles of your roof. The utilization of rake is also a safe procedure to get free from the forming ice dams. When Ice dams get more strong it is even harder to get rid of them.

3. Heat Cables:

These are the expedient solution against the forming of ice dams, these can halt the ice dams from the formation. If you don’t want to spend too many dollars on making the arrangements for the roof then this can help you out. These can be placed in a vertical order so that they don’t let snow chance to freeze on your roof. These are clipped easily on roofs but the thing to consider is that they have to be placed before the snowfalls. Some roof replacement companies also recommend using these tips so that no potential damages can incur.

4. Calcium Chloride Deicer:

If you face a situation in which the ice dams have been formed already then getting the calcium chloride deicer is also an effective way to melt ice down from your roof. You should remember that plants can die due to overexposure to this chemical so you shall get precautions. You can spread this to the roof with a nylon stocking. A broom can be used so that the calcium-containing stocking reaches the areas where the ice dams are present. Once it reaches the right place the ice dams will start to disappear.

5. Keep the Gutters Clean:

Have you ever considered that cleaning your gutters also prevents ice dams?

Yes, they do clean procedure involves the thorough cleaning especially taking out the accumulated leaves. A reputable roof inspection company will look upon the condition of the roof and also the gutter because the gutter is the protection layer.

 It won’t be easy for the ice dams to form when the water flow of the house and gets down to the gutter for which they are intended to be built.

6. Hire a Professional:

For remediating your roof against the ice dams, you can contact a professional who can tackle your problem with precise care. A professional can remediate the roof from the consequences of icicles and get the ice dams removed safely. You won’t be able to do this adeptly if try on your own so hiring a professional can save your roof from any potential harm.