Everything You Need To Know About E-Juices


If you are thinking of consuming E-Juices also known as E-liquids, then this article is for you. There can be various reasons to consume E-Juices, whether you want to kick out your smoking habit, or you want to consume it to feel pleasure. No matter whatever the reason is, if you are thinking of intake E-Liquids, then you must know everything about it. If you will be visiting any vape website or store, then of course you will be seeing those beautiful cartridges, colorful pods, bottles filled with E-Juices. They are a perfect alternative to cigarettes and work efficiently to kick out the smoking habit. E-Liquids create an aerosol because of heated vape juice and vape rigs that users inhale.

Well, vape juice is becoming trendier nowadays because it is less risky, and more hygiene. E-Liquids, unlike cigarettes, come in various flavours and bottles. Some common flavours are candy, bubblegum and children’s cereals. So, now that you have decided to intake e-liquids, here we are bringing you the whole guide which will cover everything you need to know about E-Juices.

Note: Inhaling the smoke exhaled air is also the same harmful as its raw form. So, if you are sitting aside from any smoker, then it is recommended to wear a face mask. Use Vitamin C to detox your body.

What is E-Juice and what is in E-Juices?

Though a very little amount of people actually know what are the ingredients of vape juice and what actually is e-liquid. It is placed in the tank of an e-cigarette and which is used in creating vapours. When you are inhaling those vapours E-Juices covers the majority of the portion and also during exhalation. Gone are the days when vape juice is only considered as a flavouring ingredient. Now, vape juice is far more than that. There might be a question which is revolving around your head: do we inhale this liquid? Well, not exactly. Yes, we inhale this liquid but not in its natural form. When heated, this E-Juice changes its composition according to its structure which gets converted into an aerosol. And this aerosol is what you inhale while vaporizing. This process is a bit similar to the evaporation of water. E-Juices are heated from 90 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius and exaggerate most out of the flavour.

Talking about the ingredients of vape juice, there are countless ingredients present in vape juices nowadays. E-Juices usually include nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, food-grade flavour and other chemicals in small quantities. Moreover, the heating coil when allowed to heat releases some substances or inhalable aerosol that penetrates down into the lungs.

No Doubt government is putting some restrictions on some of the new ingredients that are used in vape juice, but for some people, money and pleasure are the only two things. There are some standards set by the government for the vape company and vape shops to make them less dangerous. There are a variety of things in e-juices that can be toxic for our lungs like there are flavours, suspended particles, THC, and many other substances. Let’s learn about some of the common ingredients of vape juices.

1. Nicotine

When you consume nicotine in raw form or in any other form like during vaping or during smoking cigarettes, your brain releases a happy and pleasing hormone called dopamine which makes nicotine an addictive material. Yes, no doubt nicotine is dangerous, but not most dangerous. Its addiction is what makes it dangerous.

When you don’t find nicotine for a longer period of time, your brain starts craving and it becomes mad. It feels like agony until you’re supplying nicotine to your brain. This is how it works. When our brain releases dopamine, it teaches us to behave in the same character again and again and this condition is known as reinforcement. It is a simple algorithm, the more time you will consume nicotine, then more buzz your brain will feel and the more cravings it will induce.

This is also the reason why cigarettes are harder to quit because now your brain is in the habit to intake nicotine, and when you stop supplying, it screams in demand for it. There are also nicotine-free vapours, but due to their fewer demands, they are not so popular.

To quit cigarettes, you can follow the cold turkey route method in which first you have to switch quit smoking and switch to vaping, and then after some days, switch to nicotine-less vaping. This little-little dose of nicotine over a long period of time can reduce the demand and you can slowly decrease its quantity according to your will power. Nicotine is made from Nic salt, which is used for those who do not vape.

2. Propylene Glycol (PG)

One of the most important ingredients of vaping juice is Propylene Glycol or VG which is reputable content. It is an organic compound you might have studied in class 12th chemistry. PG is a thin liquid that has low viscosity and is colourless and odourless. PG is not only used in E-Juices, instead, it is also used in moisturizers and skin lotion to provide extra creaminess.

It is responsible for giving the desired look, structure and giving nature to the vaping liquid. Because of its less viscosity, it can be easily re-filled into an atomiser and can easily vaporise. It is a good absorber too, which means it collects all the other ingredients and keeps them bound. It takes time to heat, and its vapours feel warmer which gives more pleasure while vaping.

One thing which you should know about PG is that it can be allergic too. Some people have complained about the allergic reaction caused because of the vapours of Propylene Glycol. PG produces less dense vapours which makes it difficult to form clouds. PG and VG are used in a perfect ratio in e-juices, which is in a 1:1 ratio.

3. Vape Juice flavours

Now, that taste work is done by these flavours. These juicy flavours give that desired taste that is required by your tongue. There are various combinations of flavours that are used for pleasure and taste in E-Juices. Every palate is different which can be changed according to one’s needs. But, if you are going to vape for the first time, then you should start with methanol-e-liquid. It is one of the tastiest flavours and is always the go-to flower of newbies. Another flavour which you can try is the Black Jack E-liquid which is spicy but tasty. It is an all-time favourite of most chain smokers.

There are certain other ingredients also which are present in vape juice like, synthetic flavourings, vanillin, Ethyl 2-methyl butyrate, limonene, Methyl cyclopentenone, and cic-3-Hexen-1-ol or cic-3-hexenyl acetate. These are some of the other ingredients which play a major role in the flavour and structure of E-Juices.

Well, all of these flavours almost cost the same and thus you can try different combos too according to your wish. When in confusion, the experiment is always the best option. If you are a sweet lover, then you must go for sweeter flavours that are innumerable in quantity. Juicy flavours, Drink flavours, and pudding flavours are the best three flavours which you should try.

Is E-Juice Safe?

A common question from all, “Is E-Juices Safe?” Well, No, E-Juice is not safe. There are certain ingredients in E-Juices which can be addictive for your body and cause the problem in the long run. For lungs also, according to doctors, vaping isn’t considered good for lungs health as it allows penetration of certain suspended particles which are stuck in the broccoli of the lungs. Vitamin E acetate, an ingredient of E-Juice is considered as the major product for causing lung injury. It will not harm when consumed, but it will be dangerous when inhaled. Yes, I accept vaping is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes. So, if you want to quit smoking and switch to something else less harmful, then e-juices are the best option. There are certain Fogger Machines also available which are present in the market and help in compensating the need of nicotine.

When we talk about the health-effects of patients who continuously vape, a very disastrous result comes into existence. 95% of people who vape regularly are suffering from chemical irritation of the lungs which can even lead to lung cancer in future. If you think any ingredients are safe in eating, so we can consume them, but it is not the same. There are certain ingredients like Vitamin E acetate which is present in E-Juice, when consumed or eaten proves to be beneficial for health, but when it is inhaled, it proves to be deadly in some cases. Vape juice individually is not that harmful, but when combined with other ingredients, the compound formed can be harmful. Inhaling vapour E-Juice is not only harmful to the lungs, but it is also harmful to the tongue which can even lead to loss of the ability to taste in some cases.

How to keep E-Juice?

Well, according to some experts, there is plenty of advice present to keep E-Juice. Since E-Juice is a combination of various other ingredients also; it is difficult to calculate the best temperature suited for E-Juice. One more question which arises to mind is how long you can store or keep e-juice? Or does e-juice contaminate or go bad? So, to find the answer to all these questions, read the following paragraph.

Can we store E-Juice in the fridge? Yes, you can. You can store e-juices at any cool and dry place. Does it last forever? No, E-juices do not last forever. There are certain ingredients inside the combination of vape juices that can go bad after a specific period of time. So, Vape juice has a shelf life. Make sure you are storing E-liquid in a cool and dark place. The reason behind this statement is that e-juice contaminates and oxidises when meeting with sunlight. When sunlight falls on the surface of E-Juice, it drains the flavour and soul of the juice which can easily contaminate it. Make sure you closely tighten up the bottle after every use as it will allow the liquid to retain its flavour and the needed stability. If you are able to store E-Juices correctly, then you can last long for about the next two years. When opened, you have a few weeks to use effectively because once opened, e-juices do not last long. Give proper attention to the fact that e-juice isn’t evaporating in the bottle itself.

Vaping an expired e-juice is seriously not a good idea. It can even be more harmful as it can also cause the immigration of certain bacteria and viruses inside our body. This will also give you a poor vaping experience, one which no one wants to handle. There are certain components of e-juices that easily break down when contacted with sunlight or heat, so be safe and attentive while vaping. It is always okay to vape from an unopened bottle as previously discussed, it can last long up to two continuous years.

How do vape flavours affect teens?

So, here stands the big question, how does vape affect teens? It affects me immensely! The adults who are trying to quit smoking can switch to vaping because it doesn’t affect that much as smoking does and also helps in kicking out the smoking habit. But, nowadays, teenagers are more involved in these sorts of things. They are vaping just because they are founding it a fun activity without knowing what it can lead to. Adults switch to vaping as a first step in quitting tobacco, but small children are into vaping as they are founding it a medium to look cool. There are some children who never smoke but are involved in this activity. Young people are vulnerable to these activities because of the pleasure which they receive after vaping. Due to the high amount of nicotine presence and flavours, young people are vaping. This is the reason why some countries have banned vaping for children below 18. If you are trying to buy them e-juices online, then also you have to give proof to show that you are above 18.

These activities disturb the mental health of a teenager which can eventually affect his/her childhood age. Apart from vulnerability to lung cancer, there is also a possibility that it goes with you for the whole lifetime. Nicotine is always addictive and has the ability to adversely affect the health of the consumer. Thus, it is recommended to stop vaping. It can also lead to mental traumas like anxiety attacks, panic attacks, restlessness all the time, mind diversion and many more. Consult a doctor if you are already into this activity. So, now after reading this article, you know everything about the E-Juices. See, yes it is a good alternative to quit smoking but vaping is also not good for health, just a reminder. Review this article in the comment section below.

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