Car insurance: with electric or hybrid cars you spend less

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Safeguarding the environment in which we live is a highly topical issue. With the passage of time we have in fact realized how disastrous is the situation in which nature pours because of us and how huge and heavy the negative consequences that we will find ourselves forced to live over the next few years can be.

 And all this is only our fault, the fault of our choices and our lifestyle so full of excesses. Precisely for this reason, more and more people are trying to change their lives with health insurance, putting themselves on the path of environmental sustainability, people who would like to buy an electric or hybrid car, but who are also afraid that this choice could lead to excessive costs.

It is true that electric and hybrid cars have costs for the moment still quite high compared to traditional cars, but it is also true that there are many incentives that can be obtained for their purchase. 

Many people have now noticed all this. Just think that 1.2 million eco-sustainable cars were sold in the world in 2017, equal to 57% more than in 2016. Taking Italy into consideration, in 2017 the eco-sustainable cars sold were no less than 8,827, while in 2016 there were just 2,560 ecological cars. Of course, this is a small thing compared to the total number of cars circulating on our roads, but they are still positive numbers for a market that has just opened its doors, and numbers that are constantly growing.

Those who have chosen to buy an electric or hybrid car are aware that in fact, it is possible to re-enter the investment in a short time, even considering that after the purchase the costs are really low.

 Yes, because powering these cars is very cheap, nothing to do with the price of petrol which is skyrocketing today. Not only that, even insuring an electric or hybrid car is cheap. Yes, you got it right, it seems that eco-friendly car insurance is much cheaper than traditional car insurance.

 Unfortunately, an adequate comparison has not yet been made, but according to industry experts, it is possible to state that insurance for hybrid cars, which are among the most widespread eco-sustainable cars today, can cost from 5% to 10% less than the insurance of a traditional car. Insurance for electric cars, on the other hand, can even cost 20% to 30% less.

What is this discount due to? In part, these are socio-demographic characteristics. According to statistics, in fact, those who choose to buy a hybrid or electric car are people of at least 40 years, usually always under the age of 60. They are people who usually use cars for short trips or to make family trips, people who want to protect their family and who for this reason are very cautious when driving, people who finally have a long experience behind the wheel and are therefore considered low-risk subjects. However, it is not just about this. Taking electric cars into consideration,

We must admit that it is good that insurance for electric cars and hybrid cars are cheap, just as it is good that ad hoc incentives are provided for all those who decide to choose an ecological car. 

Indeed, the hope is that more and more incentives will arrive and that over time these cars will also lower their price list. In this way more and more people could afford their purchase, making an ecological choice, a friend of the environment in which we live, a friend in the end also of our own health. Yes, because if the cars pollute less, we would have the possibility to avoid that pollution that we all hate so much.


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