Candles and their custom candle boxes

custom candle boxes

Candles that come in their pretty custom candle boxes are the perfect gifts that can be presented to men and women. In the American culture, these gifts are acceptable for occasions like; 

  1. Anniversaries 
  2. Graduation
  3. Dinner party
  4. Mother’s Day
  5. Valentine
  6. Holiday season etc.

In America, one can find thousands of fragrances in candles. It speaks for the popularity of this product. If you read the information printed on the custom candle boxes, you will realize that the candle boxes for sale package do not just package the fragrant candles. In fact, these candle boxes for sale are used for packaging aromatherapy candles and light therapy candles as well. There are versatile types of candles that are used in more than one way. 

The custom candle packaging that is made from cardboard stocks is sturdy and cost-effective at the same time. Many environment-friendly companies that manufacture and market candles make use of biodegradable custom candle packaging. It helps in curbing pollution and litter from the planet. It also helps in saving the resources of the earth as biodegradable stocks are made from recycled material. The custom printed boxes for candles made from this material are print-friendly. Candle manufacturing and marketing brands can make use of premium quality offset printing techniques on these boxes to make them look unique. This distinction in looks will help attract more customers. Candle brands will be able to expand their customer base by adding green consumers to it. Custom candle packaging in innovative designs and themes can be crafted without spending a fortune. 

During the holiday season, candle brands are sold in their custom display boxes. It provides easy access to the customers. The custom candle display boxes provide a platform for the candles that can get lost on the shelves. But due to the high low of customers in the retail outlets, sometimes they get stolen from these boxes. The packaging industry suggests using interlocking flaps of the cardboard boxes that make it difficult for the shoplifters to open the box to overcome this problem. They also advise using custom candle packaging boxes in odd shapes that are difficult to hide in the fold of the apparel and pockets.  

The luxury candles are packed in custom rigid box packaging. These boxes are worth investing in for a company. Despite being expensive, companies of all sizes do not refrain from investing in custom printed rigid boxes. These boxes are used by candle brands to target a market niche. This market niche is willing to pay a premium price for candles. To make candles worth more, they are placed in custom rigid packaging made from the sturdiest stocks. The custom rigid boxes are lined with premium fabric, paper, leather, or other similar options from the outside. The interior is also lined with suede or other premium material.    

Custom printed rigid boxes can be used for a very long time by the recipients even after the original product perishes. They are great for storing important documents and valuable items. Many people store their jewelry items in these boxes. Classic features like magnetic closure are often added to these custom printed boxes. When this particular feature is used the boxes are termed custom magnetic closure boxes. The magnetic closure boxes are used in the jewelry and watches industry to pack these premium items. Brands use customized stickers, ribbons, and balloons to add to these boxes and provide a memorable unboxing experience to their customers. The excited recipients make a movie of the entire unwrapping procedure and upload it on various social media platforms. Soon these videos become viral and the respective brand enjoys exposure all over the world. It inspires many others to buy the same and the sales of the company experience a boost. If you are a candle manufacturing or marketing company, make sure to check out the packaging options with ClipnBox packaging experts. 


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