B2B Lead Generation Statistics to Streamline your Pipeline

Lead Generation

You know what is the backbone of your business, it is the Lead generation.

Marketers most of the time, take the help of different online lead generation tools and agencies to fill in the holes where they need them most. In B2B sales methodology, you can’t push ahead without qualified leads. These people in your intended interest group are destined to pay for your products or services. You may know heaps of prospective organizations, yet not every one of them will be a lead. 

There are a few strategies for securing leads. Like utilizing paid traffic, references, and content to procure their contact database

Many organizations do research on B2B lead generation every year to analyze the loopholes and shortcomings. 

Below stated are some of the B2B lead generation statistics that will help you design the best marketing strategies and ultimately improve your sales pipeline. 

Content Marketing and Distribution

Content marketing works like a pulley, which pulls the less interested prospects towards your business. There has been significant growth in the number of marketers learning the right techniques of content marketing, because according to Demand Metric – Content marketing produces 3 times leads more than traditional outbound marketing, and the expenses are 62% less. 

Do you know who the best marketers are? Those who produce content that tells captivates and persuade customers to perform without even directly asking them to.

Website content is highly important, like – The landing page is the first impression which further entices prospects. According to Marketing Sherpa – more than 48% of marketers create a new landing page for every digital marketing campaign, whereas their research further states that 16% of landing pages are free of navigation bars.

Email marketing

There are two types of email sent by B2B marketers, i.e, Email for lead prospecting and Email blasts. Email marketing done with the help of an automation tool is very fruitful. It helps in converting leads into trusted customers without much effort. According to Aberdeen Group – Personalized emails increase conversion rates by 10% and click-through rates by 14%. 

Also, as per the study done by SilverPop/DemandGen Report – Lead nurturing emails can obtain 4-10 times the response rate as opposed to email blasts. Whereas research by HubSpot says – Lead nurturing emails can create an 8% CTR related to just a 3% CTR generated by common email sends. 

Outsourcing of lead generation

When a company gives their work of finding qualified leads to another agency, it is called outsourcing. Most of the time, business takes the help of different B2B lead generation and B2B prospecting tools to look for qualified leads.

As per a study done by Hubspot – lead generation is 43% more effective when outsourced than in-house.

Lead generation is not an easy process. It requires a deep understanding of the qualified and waste leads, when this task is done in-house it affects the quality of leads. This is the reason, most organizations prefer hiring a lead gen specialist or completely outsourcing this process. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables companies to drive more sales, obtain more leads

and bring the best return on investment to the business. Automating tedious, time-consuming tasks helps businesses in cutting costs, enhancing productivity, and receiving more profits.

According to a study done by Gartner – Businesses that do the automation of lead management notice a 10% or more improvement in income within 6-9 months.

Another study by APSIS says – around 80% of marketers believe marketing automation creates more leads and conversions of leads. 

The budget on lead generation

Lead generation is an expensive process, a marketer spends 53% of its annual budget on lead generation procedures, as per – Bright talk. It is not very hard to derive the cost per lead and total money spent on lead generation campaigns. Newbies should learn the ways through which they can get more qualified leads in less money. 


You have to realize that evaluating these statistics is the only best way to improve the quality of your lead generation campaigns. 

Content Marketing and Email marketing are the two most common and popular methods of lead generation and statistics related to these concepts are highly important. 

It is important for a marketer to know the latest marketing facts, trends, innovation, and technology that has arrived in order to flourish the sales funnel with lots of leads. 


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