Artificial Flowers Online Shop

Artificial Flowers Online Shop

Artificial Flowers Online Shop-It up slowly stick it hold it for a minute let it get stuck completely so we got the second floor now the last artificial flowers let’s do it together again take the third stem give a cut that is two from opposite directions open it up apply the glue and paste the flat together to the stem hold it for a minute let all the three artificial flowers and then the last part we gonna assemble the leaf to the flower and the stem part did my kids complete clear so was it a little difficult no right so keep this aside take the leaves now for the first flower one towards the left one towards the right so same manner we are going to start stick the leaves to the flat one towards the left one towards the right towards the left towards the right so both the side we are having one leaf overlapping two leafs together so in a similar manner you are going to paste the least for the other two class as well so let’s complete it so the first flower is ready yes keep this aside take the second one for the leaf part apply the glue and paste it slowly one again towards the left the second one towards the right let’s quickly assume.

artificial flowers

the leaf to the flour finished pasting the second leaf so the second flower is also ready how many of y’all say is bingo mom says bingo what about you my dear children did you all also complete it last flower apply the glue to the leaf and paste it to the artificial flowers the first leaf and then the second leaf so we have all the three flowers ready bingo what about you all the three flowers are here so here and i’ve taught you only three flowers you can correct you can create six to ten flowers hold it together tie a thread and if you have a flower waist at home you can put all the artificial flowers together see how mom’s done so in the jar of bottle i’ve added all three flowers together and this i can place it on my dining table so that’s amazing isn’t it home decor learning something new learning to create the flowers so that’s all for today did everyone complete did you all enjoy today’s session yes kids now as it was the last class for today’s for the last class for this month i hope to see you all again in the next month as priyanka man will be coming up with a new concept a new topic the new craft to learn so let’s join together put all our energies in learning a new thing every day and creating something beautiful for our own homes so that’s all for today children please look into the submission process understand the procedure and do submit all your artwork i want everyone to submit yes as you know ma’am will be choosing and updating the top 10 kids that will be featured on a yolo app don’t miss this opportunity i wish to see you all again soon in the next month do inform your friends family relatives let them also learn a new creativity every day so have a great evening see you all soon children love you all bye bye hi everyone we are excited to have you here in today’s fun fill learning session at yolo here is a quick look at how you can submit your work after the class as a first step go to you can use any browser to access this site on this page you will see a list of all our classes scroll down and you can see the submit your work button then you will see a list of the classes that you’ve at last attended which could for example show the dance or craft or science experiment classes you’ve attended recently next it will show you the list of children whose names are registered in this mobile number choose

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