A Complete Guide For Students To Prepare Yourself For International School Admission Interviews

International School

International school is known for delivering quality education and nurturing young students into future leaders. Therefore, the admission process may involve multiple levels of assessments. This post will shed some light on the types of questions an applicant might need to answer when appearing for interviews in top international schools.

Taking admission in an international school is not as easy because of the high bar of academic excellence. Most international schools choose to interview applicants to know them better and evaluate whether they can hone their inherent skills. 

It is always a good idea for an applicant to prepare ahead for the interview session they would eventually face when seeking admission in a leading international school in India. A student would need to prepare detailed, specific answers and reveal why they want to take admission in the particular school. The answers will also need to be framed well to reveal to the interviewer the student’s overall personality and academic traits in the most efficient manner.

The following sections will shed light on the various categories of questions that a student might face during the interview with an international school in Pune or any other city in India for that matter.

Questions about the student

The answers should be clear, detailed and specific. One should not list their personality traits only in their answers. Instead, they should cite particular facets, such as how fascinated they are with the idea of space exploration.

Questions about the student’s non-school interests

A high school student should be prepared to speak about more than one non-school activity that they find engaging in no time. Their response should be earnest. On that note, students should remember that playing the guitar might qualify as an answer but playing GTA 5 on the Xbox would not. On top of this, as examples, a student can also cite or include recent real-world activities with their answers to make the same more believable.

Questions about the student’s school interests and attitudes

In this case, a student should give out detailed and thoughtful answers.

For example, they should explain why they like a subject such as Mathematics. They can add that they enjoy the subject as they are fond of solving problems and coming up with solutions quickly.

Questions about the student’s beliefs and values

When faced with the questions about one’s belief and values, a student would need to give thoughtful and honest answers. They should always avoid non-starter remarks such as “I don’t know.”

On the flip side, they should avoid oversimplifying things by giving short replies. In case they are asked if they would allow their friend to copy their homework, they must say no because it will not help their friend learn the lesson. Such answers will allow the interviewer to understand the student’s core beliefs and values in no time.

In the end, irrespective of the degree of preparation, a student might face instances when they have to improvise and use their presence of mind to answer tricky questions. One should remember that international schools emphasise on the overall development of students, and they don’t merely evaluate an application based on academic grades.


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