It is essential that medical cannabis patients and users use a reliable digital assistant to track their progress during their treatment. Cannabis Apps is a revolutionary patent-pending mobile application that lets patients and cannabis doctors track healing sessions together. In addition, medical cannabis sessions can be recorded and the patient can monitor specific symptoms. 

The Apps also allow patients to accurately document the results of cannabis strains or CBD products. Also, the site offers a feature that lets its users choose the feminized seeds available near them based on a location. Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. and find great BOGOs deals on premium seeds

Doctors can use the symptoms, doses, personal feelings, and other information the patient saved using the Apps. Through these details, they will determine to what extent the precise sort of cannabis helps the user.

The Apps also enable the patient to log the intake method. After processing the small print the patient inputted, the Apps comes up with an intelligent recommendation that might educate the patient about the strains of cannabis. The patient also uses the report back to understand better the intake methods, the symptoms, and overall medicinal benefits of various cannabis strains. The user shares the findings with doctors and medical cannabis dispensaries to debate better treatment options.

medical cannabis app

Cannabis As A Supplement Also As A Medicine

Lately, patients are often prescribed medications to obscure the symptoms that arise from their conditions rather than identifying and resolving the primary explanation for their situation. 

Cannabis is different from “traditional” medicine. Yes, it can relieve equivalent symptoms as meds (sometimes with higher efficacy). Still, it also gifts us with the chance to pioneer our health and overall well to be through reflection. In a wide perspective, the healthiest people are most balanced in terms of mind, body, and spirit. The use of medical cannabis to treat the symptoms and use it as a supplement that will help the patient incorporate healthy practices into life, like meditation or exercise. Doing so will assist the patient in gaining mental stability, staying active, and achieving inner peace.

Thinking Through It

The Apps help patients in taking a more mindful approach to the product use, whether treating a selected medical symptom or seeking a chosen experience. Tracking the dosing, level of symptom relief, feelings, side effects for every product the patient employs will help the patient quickly. Also, it Compares which products were the foremost beneficial for the user. 

Review in-app reports with customized trends and insights supported using to determine what products and administration forms prove to be the only effective. With the knowledge gained from the Apps intelligent reports, the user is ready to make informed purchasing and treatment decisions.

The Apps can Identify the main effective products, administration methods, and dosing practices for the needs and goals.

Other Apps allow the patient to anonymously track real-time and historical experiences with specific medical cannabis and CBD products. Easily track the patient’s merchandise, where the patient bought it from, why the patients are using it. Furthermore, it tracks the patient’s proportion and the symptom relief, feelings, and side effects the patient experienced. The more product use and outcomes the patient shares with the App, the more intelligent the reports are that the Apps will provide back to the user. Use these reports to tell the next purchase or treatment decision, or share with the doctor, caregiver, dispensary staff, loved ones, and friends.

Help with growing medical marijuana for those who grow it themselves

Gardening is an incredibly healthy activity. Having plants around the patient has been shown to possess many positive effects, including detering illness and boosting healing and productivity. Growing cannabis will bring the patient closer to the plant and strengthen the relationship with its benefits. That very same grow-the-own goodness applies to cannabis, but on an entirely different level.

User Check-In Upon Receiving A Push Notification

Enable the push notification reminder and cash in of them by checking in at regular intervals. Doing this may encourage a mindful medical cannabis session and help the patient keep the dosing at an optimum level. Bonus: the users finish up with a way more accurate graph at the top of the session! Remember learning about independent and dependent variables back in algebra class? All of the check-ins will appear to some extent on the X-axis. The more regular the check-ins, the more accurate (and attractive) the graph will look.

Users can feel their way in the medical field with the Feels feature

One of the simplest things about medical cannabis is its ability to form. The user feels all kinds of things, not merely “better” about a symbol or ailment. Maybe a particular product makes the patient feel super creative? Log in! The Apps feature, located on the dashboard, will enable the patient to review an inventory of every product that makes the patient feel creative (and everything else), so the user will revisit that feeling in no time.

Adding Or Replacing Options

When adding a replacement cannabis product to the App, medical cannabis users can fill out as many fields on the Add screen. Even there is significant state-to-state variation among the information listed on cannabis product labels.medical cannabis users can look Still, anything the user is ready to transfer to relay to the Apps can help other patients.


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