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Weddings are a big day for everyone and to look exceptionally beautiful on this day is what every bride craves. She tries to do everything in her power, starting from beautiful Indian wedding wear to stylish hairstyle, from trending jewelry to sparkling makeup, she leaves no stones unturned to bring out the best of her on her wedding. Brides these days differ in taste and preference, but they all have the same desire to look the best for their wedding. And makeup is one of the most important elements that bring on that exceptional bridal beauty that very Bride-to-be longs for.

You may have seen some brides who would dream of their enlightening bridal makeup with the help of celebrity makeup artists. For others, makeup for their wedding might be a simple DIY trick while others might wish to test their glowing wedding makeup look in some trusted expert hands. Different brides have dissimilar opinions as the choices differ as per preferences. But one thing that all the brides-to-bewith different preferences have in common for their beautiful bridal makeup look are some basic essential makeup products.

No matter how you wish to get ready for your wedding, irrespective of the fa and technique of makeup you choose for your wedding, but as a bride-to – there are some must-have makeup products that you will need. So with this article, have prepared a perfect reckoner for you, as below mentioned is the list of makeup products that are essential for your wedding to get ready for your special day.


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Whatever you do in life planning and preparation beforehand is required at every point. Similar is the case with your skin, it also requires proper care and preparation as without it your skin can be awful. Like any other thing before applying heavy makeup products you need to prep your skin. As you don’t want your makeup to be an ordinary one and of course you want your makeup to hold on your face for a long time, up through the last. A makeup primer does it all for you, it holds you on your face making it long-lasting, and gives a sharp finish to your makeup.

If you ask the experts, it is always advised to use a lot of mattifying primer on your bridal makeup as it is an extremely essential makeup product for your wedding. It is quite simple to use a makeup primer, once you are done with cleaning and moisturizing your skin, simply spread a mattifying primer all over your face including lips and eyelids, and then follow are, but w further makeup steps to get a smooth base. So don’t forget to pack your makeup primer while preparing your makeup kit to get a bridal makeup look for your wedding.


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After well spreading a mattifying primer the next step is a long-lasting high definition foundation. It is the second important element in the list of makeup products that are essential for your wedding. When you start your bridal makeup after applying the primer, the foundation should be your starting point in the process of getting beautiful makeup done for your wedding. It is advised to go for a product that brings your skin to appear perfectly airbrushed and also lasts all day long. Terms like long-lasting, airbrushed or long-wear should be your main focus while selecting a perfect foundation for your wedding look.

Another right early way of selecting a perfect fit foundation for yourself is picking one which is boosted with pigments reflecting light, a high definition foundation. Choosing a foundation that perfectly fits your skin and goes well with your skin type and share is also a good idea, for best effects steer clear from SPF infused options.

But this is not it, choosing the correct foundation for your skin is important but the work is not over, here, your glowing bridal makeup look also depends upon the technique applied. You must apply foundation with the help of your figures in a circular motion starting from your face and moving down to the beck. A perfectly chosen and well-applied foundation gives a perfectly smooth base for your makeup and enhances it. Therefore in the list of makeup products that are essential for your wedding foundation holds a top spot.


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 When it comes to a wedding, you have a lot of stuff to deal with, guests to attend, functions to prepare for, and matters to deal with as you are the bride-to-be. Due to all these activities and your fully tight schedule, you may not get enough time to shut your eyes, but being the star of the event you also want to look fresh-faced, and here is the time when concealer comes to your rescue.  With all these marriage ceremony functions and trying days, sleepless nights you require a heavy-duty concealer that does not crease or spread instead blends well with your skin tone and covers well all the discoloration pigmentation, dark circles, and last-minute zits.

 A concealer is another essential makeup product for your wedding as it covers the discoloring on your face and gives an even tone. There are certain steps to apply a concealer. Firstly apply the creamy formula on the inner corners of the eye in the dotted motion immediately after applying a foundation, then dab it outward while covering the shadow areas with their help of your fingertips. A concealer is a must-have makeup product for your wedding, the reason being it helps to get rid of any last-minute zits or other discoloration on your skin.


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Blush has been around for at least 3000 BC and now comes in powder, cream, gel, and liquids, adding colors to your cheeks, giving you a rosy glow. Blush will help you get a healthy flush instantly, making it an imperative addition to your bridal beauty stash. Bride with dry skin must look to a cream blush. To apply blush, particularly you want the burst of color to be right on the apples of your cheeks.

 A foolproof way to find this is to nestle the brush directly under your eye pupil and across from the tip of your nose. Then blend up and out 2 inches. This is why blush is another essential makeup product that is a must-have for your bridal makeup look and shines on your wedding.


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 When it is your wedding day no matter how much resistance you are surely going to shade a few drops of the year on your wedding day, which is why it is extremely essential to wear waterproof makeup for your wedding. And not only this but also waterproof makeup is the full proof answer solution for a bride’s problems as if sweat-proof and smudge-proof makeup.

Which does not disappear with a few drops of liquid and keeps your eyes perfectly fine with sweat and tears. So for your wedding day don’t forget to pack your pigmented long-lasting eyeliner and waterproof mascara depending on your choice and preferences.

The above mentioned is the list of makeup products that are essential for your wedding. So take note of all these and set your makeup accordingly. It is also advised to pick the makeup products as per your skin type and completion, it is an important choice to make. As your makeup and bridal lehenga must compliment your bridal look and not transform you completely. So on your wedding day get dressed to be ravishing but don’t forget to be you.



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