5 Different Ways To Style a Burlesque Corset

Burlesque Corset

Corsets are now back in town courtesy, the celebrities wearing them. Corsets have been in vogue since the old times either for waist training or to improve your posture. There are a plethora of corsets available nowadays unlike the old days. They even come in different sizes and fabrics. Corsets today are not only used for waist training but also as a fashion element. Women of today enjoy wearing a corset as any other garment, under a saree as a blouse, or even over a plain white shirt. There are a variety of corsets available – a burlesque corset is one of them.

Burlesque corsets were for Burlesque shows hence the name. These fancy corsets are perfect to be worn as a costume or you can wear them in your bedroom. You can simply wear them with blue jeans as well. You can accessorize your corset as per your liking as well. Some corsets have lace stitched to them, others come with a garter and stockings. You might find some corsets with a short skirt attached to them as well. You can style a burlesque corset in different ways. Read on and find out more about burlesque corsets and how to style them.

Five different ways to style a burlesque corset

1. Wear it as a lingerie

Corsets were traditionally made to be worn under or over clothes. You can hide your corset under your clothes and get the perfect cinched look. In case you want to spice up your love life you can wear it sans clothing as well to get that sexy look.

You can add black shee amp up your look. You can most of your corset and style it in different ways. Instead of wearing the corset over plain lingerie, go for ruffles or lace to increase the style quotient. Since you won’t be wearing any clothes along with this you do not have to worry about the bulky, baggy jeans or pants. You can even style your corset with sheer, fishnet, or patterned pieces of fabric.

2. Add accent pieces

Corsets are much more than provocative attire. They can be worn as a garment as well. What if you want to wear a corset over your garments instead of the conventional way? Wear your corset along with a pencil skirt and an open jacket for secretary vibes. You can even wear your corset over a plain white shirt and blue jeans. Accessorize your look with statement jewelry for an everyday look. Want to wear your corset to a club? Wear an overbust corset along with joggers and stilettoes.

3. Wear it as a blouse

Ever thought of wearing a corset as a blouse? Well, you can wear a corset as a blouse along with your saree. Wear a white corset along with a pink colored saree. Add jhumkas and tie your hair in a bun. You are good to go.

4. As a foundation piece

If you’re looking for a slim hourglass fit, look no further corsets are at your rescue. You can wear this under your clothes. Wear an underbust corset along with cigarette pants to achieve a swagger look.

Corsets worn as a foundation piece give you a good posture and confidence. If your corset has garter it’s even better, wear some thigh-high stockings and rock your look. As for accessories, opt for cat-eye sunglasses, gloves, and hats to make them look more fashionable.

5. Try prints

Wear a printed skirt along with a corset along with a blouse top. Now, your corset over the blouse. Accessorize the look with thigh-high boots and a small purse. Not only this silhouette looks stylish, but it also captivates the eyes.

You can experiment with your corsets and there is no one way to wear them. Style your corset along with a shirt or wear it over a shirt dress, go bold, fierce, and fashionable. From using it as shapewear to enveloping your sexy side – corsets are the new way to go. Before you begin your corset journey take a look at the various sizing and fittings. Incorrectly worn corsets can tamper your skin and cause you injuries. Want to share some more styling ideas? Leave a comment below.


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